Monday, 28 July 2008

Who are you to tell ME how & what to blog?

Zorro Unmasked blogged on July 27 that

"On 6 July Pak Lah, urged by Star's WCw to use the stick more often targeted bloggers: He wanted
"“bloggers to stop speculating and spreading rumours on the Internet. I want to tell the blogs to stop all this. They are also responsible for what has happened. The best thing they could do is to stop.”"

& "“Allegations and news championing those who broke the law through SMS, Blogs and YouTube were akin to TREACHERY!""

Well Blow me over.

I want to get this straight.
Do blogging about facts constitute as rumor-mongering?

Are there
- Corruption? & isn't it rife particularly amongst those who rules & leads?

- Accountability & transparency in this land? Someone please inform our Ministeries & Government agencies!

- Great public schools & universities? If so how come kids of Ministers & Top Government Officials go abroad to study or are educated in international schools?

- Poor & disadvantaged Malays, Indians & Chinese being marginalized?

- Scholarships given freely to kids of the Rich & Powerful?

- Promotions & employment in the public sector given based solely and wholey on merit?

The list can just goes on & on & on!

And since when has speculation been banned? Why are there betting outlets, lax control on trading in the stock market, horse racing & casinos?

And I hate to remind you all but I thought Islam is our official religion so ain't all these forms of speculating a form of gambling?

Can mere blogging, & writing lead to the multitudes turning against their leaders?

Puhleeezzeee lah! Tell that to my granny & she wouldn't believe you either.

We ain't that stupid & emotional that we will risk our lives & liberty against arms and guns

We ain't so dumb that we believe there's smoke without fire.

And Honey. I hate to tell you this but I do live here you know?

We sure ain't the one digging you the are doing a darn fine job yourself.

Now. Is that Treachery? Am I spreading rumors?

SUE ME or kiss my sweet little behind!


Crankshaft said...

How about trying to plant false witnesses to put someone behind bars so he's no competition?

zorro said...

Arrggggghhhh....when Aunty from Mad gets mad, get out of the way.

GobloKing said...

I swear to you 1 day all those bunch of jokers will be the death of ME before I AM the death of THEM!

The > someone tells me NOT to, the MORE I will continue to do it just to bugger them !

The > someone takes away my liberty, the MORE I will bugger them!

Little Ants wins over Elephants anytime!