Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Why EVEN Aunty thinks DSAI is great(er)..

I only sat up to pay attention this morning when I received a mail from my friend, who btw, is totally non commital to politics - to tell me he is now an Anwar Ibrahim convert.

And this is all thanks to the live TV debate between Shaberry Cheek & Anwar. I am not trying to deter UMNO or TV3 from continuing to give us healthy debates.

We really desperately need intelligent & healthy debates in Malaysia to clear the air and understand where both parties stand.

But were there NO ONE else other than Shaberry for UMNO to pick as their representative to speak to us the People?

Or did UMNO feel that to pick someone more important would be giving too much "face" to DSAI?

Hello UMNO! You are not showing the people (yeah..US the People) face by giving us this relative unknown (prior to December '07).

Maybe there really is nobody more intelligent or eloquent than Shaberry to represent them.

I think if UMNO were not so arrogant, they woulda picked Mukhriz Mahathir (kill 2 birds with 1 stone?) to speak for them.. but whatever the truth is, I think UMNO is still not prepared to give us the truth.

And THEN, TV3 gave us a moderator like the Vice Chancellor of UM, who by the way, serves as another reminder to us that his position was, ofcourse appointed based on sheer merits.

I watched the recorded debate (thanks to friends who knows I am too far away) slouched down in my customary position before my morning ablutions, thinking
"Aiyoh. My attention span is like that of an ant" so I will be bored after 5 minutes, so may as well just tunggu sebentar lagi before I did my morning shit, shave & shower lah.

What I saw..WoWza! made ME sit up, smoked 2 ciggies, drank 2 cups of cold coffee, pushed the dogs away, & ignored my ringing mobile.


The man speaks like a true Statesman..while poor old Shaberry...was he really foaming at the mouth? I couldn't believe how Shaberry kept digging into the past of DSAI instead of giving us how UMNO felt what they were doing was actually in the best interest of the country.

So whether or not you like it UMNO, but when people like this sceptical and cynical Aunty - btw whose Bahasa is so bad it's a crime - starts to be an Anwar believer, there ain't no mountain you can hide under anymore.



zorro said...

Shave! Shave? What's new in Mad?

DSAI was freed this morning minutes before they arrested RPK.

GobloKing said...

Yeah man. SHAVE

last time young, shave legs, shave armpits

nowadays ain't nobody looking at my legs (leave alone the armpits)
but they still gotta lookit the FACE ain't it?

Opps! NOW that you know my beauty secret, I gotta kill you!

AND I truly feel STUPID when I tell ppl I am Msian because our politics are so f**ked up that they can't even think of any other charges but the most basic ones!