Friday, 25 July 2008

WOW!! Thanks to "I am Malaysian" blogsite pointing out this tele-interview, I finally got to hear some "substance" rather than all the other bullshit being turned up & out in Malaysia.

It was so interesting I listened to it - twice.

This fellow George Green seems to be confirming my sneaky suspicions about the world's economy.

So if after listening to this interview, like me, you are gonna rush out and buy food, household requirements, silver & gold bars, I don't blame you.

Err...actually, forget the silver & gold bars. I ain't got that much money..but having snucked away some savings here & there, and if EVEN the Euro's gonna fall flat..we are truly screwed!

Meanwhile in our own coconut-trees-swaying lovely tropical paradise, our powers-that-be are FAR more busy
- debating whether or not a Merc (or 13) is necessary,
- carrying on about who be blamed for racial disharmony
- which race is worth preseving over another
- & who else can be arrested for commiting buggery,

Then we are really gonna be royally pumchet in the behind when the world's economy collapses!

And btw the next time someone gives you any Euro, check that it is the GERMAN issued Euro and not the Italian or Spanish one. You will understand what I am saying after you pay attention to George.

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