Saturday, 30 August 2008

Card Shark Aunty

On the spur of the moment we went to a casino last nite. We had bumped into some friends at dinner & they invited us - knowing I wanted to see one here before we departed for good.

Yes. Took me 2 years to decide to go to a casino.

The last time I went was Chinese New Year 2 yrs ago in Sydney - looking for Mei so we can go makan. She was playing the machines with a prepaid card.

All I know is you have to push many buttons & they take your money or give you a little back. I had no idea what I was doing but I pushed buttons for her.

Doooo..iing! Money gone. Just like that. In seconds.

Scared the mother outta me. I am such a f**king CONTROL freak, I NEED to understand the logic of everything & I did not know why I needed to push all those buttons.

Don't git me wrong. I Lurrr....vve sinning.

Just that I don't believe in giving money away..without understanding the gaming process.

So last nite for the 1st time in my adult life I sat down at a REAL casino table to play Texas Hold'em Poker. It must have been the 4 cups of lemon grass tea I took that made me so stupid or so brave.

One could tell I was an idiot at playing Poker. My total life experience included 10 minutes @a friend's house - before everyone politely invited me to watch tv.

Gerard a friend had to sit right next to me so I can whisper "Do I have a good hand?" Poor man wasn't allowed to leave me - let alone take a leak.

I still have no idea which suit is bigger & when to hold'em or fold 'em.

The casino had a prop-up card but no pictures of what those cards should look like next to the words "Royal Flush", "Flush" etc. I NEED PICTURES MAN!!!

My strategy is win or lose - Rm100 is my limit.

Them croupiers kept taking away money from me faster than I knew why and whatfor, and paid me less than I think I deserved.


Through sheer dumb luck - because I didn't know if I should fold or not, & Gerard wasn't helping, I proceeeded to play & wound up with the nite's top hand, a Royal Flush or whatever.

I ain't objecting to whatever name they call it since they gave me an OBSCENE amount of money. Ok. It was RM1000.

Yeah. That sum is no big s**t for pros but I was over the moon. YAY YAY YAY!!!

So what did Aunty do after that? Yeap. I walked off and cashed my winnings.

I sure don't think that casino will welcome me back any time soon.

I understand how people can get addicted because it sure wasn't easy to walk away especially with a winning streak. Phew!

Friday, 29 August 2008

In Defence of Zorro Unmasked

I have never taken it upon myself to defend anyone as capable of defending himself as Zorro Unmasked.

And I am not jumping into the fray because Bernard Khoo is my best friend or because he is the same color as me or because he may divert some blog views here.

Blogging just gets things offa my chest. That's all. Even if only I read myself, it's still all cool to me.

But I thought this time - fair is fair; and when it's not, I will speak up.

This is about a blog posted by rockybru entitled "In Defence of Syed Nadzri" where rocky asked the question "No Room for Dissent Zorro?"

I reread what everyone said & I did not find anything inflammatory nor defamatory about Bernard's piece on why he will not read Syed N anymore.

Bernard just apologised to Syed N and said he will not read him anymore. End of Story.

And then when Rockybru posted the rebuttal, I think "Wah. Must read again what he said, He said & HE said"

I truly don't understand why Rocky blew this little piece out of the water - and I am sorry Rocky - but it sure seems like (to me) you are targetting Bernard.

Hey hey! I am not saying this is how Bernard feels, this is only how I feel when I read rocky's site.

BTW - I hardly know Bernard & I don't agree with some of his views but he's a good fella & he makes me laugh but he has more passion, fury & dedication for Malaysia than 1/2 the people in any political party.

Now what further confuses me is this

How many people would you think read Rockybru & how many would you think read ZorroUnmasked?

I dunno the stats but I would say I think more people read Rockybru than ZorroUnmasked.

So is rocky trying to point out that Zorro is not objective to his many more readers?

Would that also be a way of not allowing for dissent too?

OK. So Bernard may not be objective.

Tell me who is ? And Bernard isn't telling US not to read Syed Nadzri. He is telling us HE is not going to read Syed N anymore. So what?

Now what is bothering me even more is this.

The entire bedrock of Friendship - to me anyways - is respect & loyalty.

Now I thought a key reason Bernard Khoo unmasked himself was as a show of solidarity with RockyBru (due to him being sued).

So is that any way to repay someone for their show of friendship & loyalty? Something for me to reflect on for this weekend.

Merdeka in my Eyes

Sit down comfortably. Now, close your eyes & think of the word "Merdeka".

Quickly now. Tell me what are the images that comes to your mind?

For me.

I see our Flag - freshly laundered, flying high, waving to me in the wind.

I see many people - smiling, chatting & eating together in a lovely garden. It looks just like a P Ramlee movie set!! :)

I see a table groaning under the weight of satay, rendang, sambal, rojak penang, murtabak, stringhoppers, chee cheong fun, nasi lemak...oh YUMS!

Maybe that is really what Merdeka means - at least - for greedy old sentimental me.

That this day is a Celebration of our Nation's Independence from All Lords & Masters.

That this day is a Celebration of our Ability to Rule for ourselves wisely

That this day is a Celebration of the Same People but our different Cultures

That this day is a Celebration of the Unity of our different Religions but the same Values

That this day is a Celebration of our Right to stand Shoulder to Shoulder, Eye to Eye as Malaysians

OK. And then I opened my eyes

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Thinking Allowed

I met some Government officers the night Anwar won at PP.

Not that often I get off my fat butt & even more rare I meet our finest civil service ppl except when I HAVE to or NEED to.

Not that you realize by now, but I am the world's most politically correct person, so I keep to myself - the better to avoid detection of dissident bloggers.

BUT I wanted to gauge what the "others" were thinking of Anwar, & our dismal political tussles, so I swore to the host, on the life of my 1st born dog NOT to say a beep, & I was invited along.

Malaysians being Malaysians, in an exotic location '000000s of km away from home, it took us about 2 minutes to warm up. However it took me 1 minute before I opened my mouth. Now why are you surprised?

Me: Anwar won by 13,000 votes
Them: No. He won by 17,000 votes
Me (unable to hold my tongue): Ya. The people sure spoke loudly
Them: What more does it take to send them a message?

Wazat? I thought their bosses were in Putrajaya? Yes but they beg to differ. They were also the people. They also thought that there is no suitable candidates to be next PM but Naj? Uhhh....NO

Anwar? Uhhh.....maybe but who knows this mystery anymore?
Wifey: SAINT. All heads nodding rigorously

Sodomy? Hard to swallow that in-sai-ful story.

SIL? Daddy out, baby out but he sure bijak boy. Bijak tapi sombong, arrogant, cakap terlallll...uuu banyak

Kerisman? WHO? Hahaha

Muhi? Whisper whisper...we hear he is the most C of 'em all. REALLY?

The former Ironman? Hard to say great but good & will mourn his passing.

WAH! They actually think along the same lines as dissident bloggers.

There was only 1 little disturbing aspect last nite.

My new found kawans were unusually quiet when I declared I for one - am never going to declare myself Bangsa Cina because my family has lived in Malaysia for 80years & you can't get more Bangsa Malaysia than that.

Did I finally say something wrong? Maybe the fear is the loss of Bumi status if all of us are declared equal?

Yeah. We are equal. Because when we die, colors don't matter anyways. So might as well practise equality here&now to get a taste of what the there&after may be like.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

ACA is effective! Good on ya Mate!

I love it when villains are caught.

And I don't care which party they belong to..if anyone is guilty of corruption or of robbing our country - put 'em in the slammer and throw away the keys!


But their arrests also leads me to wonder:

Would the ACA have been able to do a better job if there were lots more as stupid as these newbie PKR fellas?
Were they unable to do better previously because others are more skillful at hiding?

And I don't mean just hiding the physical evidence of corruption, I mean hiding behind sarongs.

No more upside down Flag SIR!

My parents used to tell me when I was a kid
"Remember not to follow any strangers. Criminals have no chop on their foreheads"

I have removed my upside down flag displayed on the side panel because I am 1 heck of an obedient daughter of Malaysia & I do whatever our Dear Leaders tell me so...this flag is just to highlight my piece today, ok SIR?
But I need some help Dearest Pak & sorry I need this help but I am just another blur, slow & dim witted woman.
Is it true that, so long as :
- one does not display any outward signs of being evil &
- one keeps hidden any & all acts of evil,
Then one is therefore considered Good?

I am quite happy to do this because after all what is more important? To Appear Evil or to Appear Good?

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Facebook & consequences?

I just went into the 22rd century by accident.

I am pretty sure I am NOT a facebook target audience & strange as it may sound, I think neither are 90% of my friends in it.

As a newbie to facebook - I thought it's more for sharing photo albums & instant messaging with friends & family. Then I find out that you can play all types of games on it - mental & real.

Someone I am very fond of, accepted me into his facebook page & what do I find? The beginning of what I would call infidelity.

I was shocked. So maybe he got a divorce but I didn't know? I contacted the dad of this person because we are family - to ask how's he doing?

It's not pretty but at least we think wifey is not in the know - yet. So this guy's parents are trying to do damage control. But you know when someone's well over 30, what can you do?

Which makes me think of this (im)moral question.

Does it count as infidelity if you are married & flirting on line or doesn't it matter?

What if you make out like you are single & ppl flirts with you thinking you are available? Isn't that cheating/lying?

In cyberspace, we can truly be anyone we want to be.

And I don't mean to make out like I am f**king Mother Theresa or something; but it doesn't cross my mind that I should fabricate a life I don't have.

Life is a choice of many options. But to betray & hurt someone we (purportedly) loves & wants to share the rest of our lives with?

I just don't get the hip thing. Why would anyone think marriage is just another transit stop in life?

I think one should be fair to another person. Even if the world's full of promiscuous ppl for whom a fling or 2 or 10 is no biggie, to the one who loves you - THAT is a BIGGIE.

I don't mean to preach - AGAIN - but think hard.

Do you want to throw away the good life you have now for a few minutes of supercharged endorphins in your brain?

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Kids from poor families with Cancer in Madagascar

Sorry to say uploading a photo or 2 takes forever from here.
Don't be too impressed with that TV. We donated 2 cheap TVs recently & the kids are over the moon. The little boy in Photo #1 is 9 yrs old. You can't really see it but he has stick for legs and he looks like he's 5.

Photo #2 is of the poorest kid in this ward. He came with his mother with NOTHING from the province. We are financing his medication & (we would like to think) he looks much better. For 2 weeks his Burkitt cancerous eye was bleeding so much that his bandage was never clean enough.

When one checks into the hospital here one have to bring everything except the bed.

My friends & I takes a day of the week each where we do a stew & a pot of rice, boil them hot water and distribute biscuits/sweets &/or fruits.

We call ourselves "The Cocktail Ladies" - if ever there was a misnomer. There is nothing glam about us, because we actually interact with the kids and families.

I say "actually interact" because these ward's not that clean, & they are super poor so it is not unusual that visitors literally throw their donations of biscuits/milk on the beds, wave, take glam photos & depart in under 15 minutes.

Can you tell I am not referring to a group of ladies from the hi-society here including wives of ambassadors and ministers? Their group's name is even more misleading than our group;"The Wednesday morning ladies group". Yeah right. I sound like a righteous sanctimonious idiot - which I am.
So if anybody other than Julie Soh of KL would like to donate $$ you can do so to me directly. There are 2 things you can select to do
1. Pay for Chemotheraphy
2. Pay for Pain Management for dying kids as those with no money just lie around taking aspirins.
I take any amount. I am not proud to take your 1 Ringgit or 1 Ruppee. We need all the money we can get.
I will try to take a photo of Francere, the girl whose leg they cut off..but she's not up to any photo op at the moment.
BTW some fancy shmancy company here recently donated a whole lot of Expiring in Aug 08 drugs to this hospital. Can you imagine the milk of human kindness in this world? Oh Yes. The media covered it like the 2rd coming of Christ.

Hands on Heart - Who IS yr Leadership Choice?

You know how it is. You think your's is a unique situation, thought or experience until you find many others - just like you - out there.

So I am gonna assume I am not the only lunatic in the asylum. I am gonna assume that politically speaking, many of us, the demographic group known as PMGs (pasar-malam go-ers) are
- Politically neutral (quite)
- Don't care too much about politics unless our country, religion & stake in the future of the country's being threatened,
- Not active supporters of politicians; unless in our eyes, that bloke fought fair & clean, IS fair & clean, & of good moral standing.

IF you do find PMGs in any political gatherings, it is more to hear what is being said & not to support anyone there.

What do PMGs think of the situation regarding Leadership Choices in Malaysia?

#1. BN is NOT a choice; it is a given. By whatever means possible, let's face it. Since BN is THE given, is it:
Najib? Adoi! This would be the classic "if you marry the man, you marry his family"
KuLi? Too old & is still polarizing.
Mukhriz Mahathir? Daddy's boy?
Muhyuddin Yassin? THAT may be the more "neutral" choice?
Didja say Keris? Oh MAN! He's Over!

MIC & MCA & DAP - as if we care?

#2. PKR ie Anwar as Opposition but NOT as the Government
Heck! Frankly Anwar is like the Black Hole. Unfathomable. As the Opposition Leader, he will be ok. But As PM? Have I said "Unfathomable"?

Much as I am not a Mahathir fan (& therefore not an Anwar basher), the problem for DSAI is that we are still not sure if we can trust him.

BUT in DSAI's favor - his wife whom many of us consider a real Saint, & the "Independents" (Ed Lee, Elizabeth Woon, CheGuBard) unifies many of us.

#3 - PAS? Is it the Parti Islam or not? So long as a party is pro-any-religion, the support will not be overwhelming?

So I will ask you other PMGs. Who & what's your choice?
btw - no need for crystal-ball gazing. If DSAI doesn't win Permatang I will be SHOCKED!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Aunty shops online - Men Skip this Post!

Robert has recently advised me he will head to US for the celebration of Landon Mario Wong; Gina&Leon's son's Full Moon. BIG MISTAKE.
Robert travels the world lightly. His 2weeks luggage = my cabin bag with just my face stuff
& I just can't - CAN NOT bear to see someone wasting biz class luggage allowance on an infant-class luggage. I HAD TO DO SOMETHING.

Uh huh. You got it! He's been suckered into bringing some stuff I hope to get online in US & delivered to Joe's place

Naturally I am over the moon and am busy shopping from my armchair here in Madland. Credit card in hand shakin' - Let's GO BOYS!!!

What do I get? What do I get?? Undies & clothes? I-Pod phone? Books? And if I had a gazillion dollars...the Bang&Olufsen audio set? The new sub-zero fridge?

I think I may just have to narrow down my lusts, and not stress Robert out. He might find it a tad difficult to squeeze a sub-zero into a luggage. I will stick to clothing items.

So ya. In other words Robert may find himself having to explain to Msian customs why he has 20 pairs of hipster panties, some bras & swimwear in his luggage.

Maybe he can pull a "Saiful" or "SoiLek" on them?

Friday, 15 August 2008

Hyena's Laugh

You know another thing I don't understand?

Intellectuals who thinks blogging & bloggers are beneath their contempt and so they can take intellectual potluck shots at Bloggers.

OK I admit it. IF I was any smarter or more intellectual I would be a world-famous writer. I would be an Agatha Christie but that's not aiming high intellectually is it? But hey! I ain't no intellectual! I am Aunty$$face & I just want a billion gazillion of everything.

But I will defend Bloggers. Yes. We sure do hantam as we see fit - regardless of Color, Religion, Clout, & Wealth. Yes some bloggers are very pro-their party & SOME bloggers can disseminate disinformation, rumors & create racial /religious disharmony.

But that is the Beauty of Blogging. Freedom of Expression. Freedom to flip the blinking mouse away. Freedom to Hantam and be Hantam-ed.

So please ah? All you Hi-&-Mightiness please accept that we are all Hyenas & we all are gonna Laugh Differently!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Plant a Tree to Celebrate a New Life !

This tree planting thing hit me BIG time 2 years back when 3 nephews presented me with 2 new grand nephews (Singapore & Melbourne) & 1 new grand niece (San Diego) within a very short time of each other.

There I was stuck in Madland, but shyshy to say "WAH! Save Angpow/gifts for Full Moon. Thanks for the news".

So I started my devious plan to "save the planet" for the new lives & save my wallet book too.

Anyways y'all know lah. Nowadays young parents are all hip & environmentally aware; so they are supportive of this idea.

Btw - I still don't get it how some young people can be environmentally aware but will use indestructible non-composting disposable diapers on their kids.

NOT that I am implying my family's are like dat but I would be surprised if they did not rely on disposables!

So to the tree planting. Anyhoos, a friend here owns a germination lab which hothouses seedlings into little plants for export. Zak has a big facility & on a visit to his big plantation complex, we saw that he had started planting Paulownia trees big time.

We learnt that Paulownias are vey popular in Japan, China and Korea - the slow growing type - not these new fast growing type. This tree is known as the Phoenix tree given that it can be cut down but will grow back from its root system without dying!

In the olden days in Japan, a Paulownia is planted each time a girl is born. By the time the girl reaches marriageable age, her Paulownia is cut down to make furniture for her trousseau but since it does not die from the cutting, a part of her will continue to live in her family home. SO ROMANTIC HOH?

But sometimes plans can go astray. Had my parents planted a tree for me when I was born, we would have been able to make a Bungalow by the time I got married off! So be careful ah?

So whatcha guys think? Next time you receive news of a new addition or you have a new addition, you plant a tree? Curry leaf tree, plum tree, apple tree - who cares what tree but a Tree!

When I die I also want people to plant a tree for me. Make it a Pomelo tree. I like Pomelos! My lesser 1/2 likes the Paulownia seeing as his & his father's name's in there!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I am risking my non-existent muka to show you the "angel" wings I am sewing on dolls I have designated as "angels" to hang over the hospital beds of kids from poor families who are suffering from cancer.

Did I mention I was probably the only girl in my now-non-existent school, BBGS to have failed BOTH Needlework & Cookery that year at LCE (whatever that exam is now known as in Msia; the one you take at 15 years old?)?

I have managed to con a lovely Thai lady Benn this morning to help out with 7 dolls to sew, leaving me 5. It takes Benn 1 day to sew 3 dolls, it took me 1 day per doll.

For now, we are hurrying to finish the wings so that we can hang them up PRONTO.

I think 2 more kids are dying; 1 is 9 years old but looks 3 weighing 30kgs (if that) and the other just had 1 leg cut off in an operation yesterday.

An average of 1 kid dying every 10 days in that stinky ward, with doctors (if they deign to appear) who use these poor cases as guines pigs.
As the Professor of the ward tells us "We are experimenting with how much chemo and radio-theraphy is needed as we still don't know how much is needed"
WTF right? For crying out loud, right? ASK someone who knows in the outside world!!!! But No!
Francere the 15 yr old gal whose leg they cut off (up to the hip), is battling bone cancer, & her leg was so swollen (to the size of an elephant's leg), that the weight of this diseased leg was 15kgs.I think she weighs 25kgs now.

I can understand operating on her if there was any chance of prolonging her life or for a chance of lessening her suffering.

Now Francere will have the triple whammy.
1st whammy is the trauma of losing a limb and will probably suffer from phantom pain - for which there are no drugs to treat?
2rd whammy is that the doctors after the op have found that the cancer has spread
3rd whammy is that Francere is much frailer in health (mentally & physically) after the surgery
I hope the angel dolls will do the trick to give some Comfort and Hope. I hope that when the sick kids look up they can see their Guardian Angel looking over them.
My other half asked why these dolls have psychedelic colored clothes instead of the usual white. Yes. White is good but we need colors to brighten the place up & hide the dirt and dismal air of the place.
I hope God will do HIS trick so as NOT to let the little children suffer when they must go to him.

Monday, 11 August 2008

To Forgive is Divine..

Except for CSL-bashing, I hardly ever comment on MCA.

Not for lack of things to say but saying the obvious is a waste of time...even if I do happen to have alot of time to waste.

I won't be the 1st (nor the last) to say this (betcha my bottom ringgit) but if you asked any AhSohs on the street what MCA is to them. They will tell you it's like MIC to the Indians.

NO lah. I am not a member of any party and neither am I sponsored by anyone. (However - pl feel free to throw money my way ok?)

But I tell you this. Either that Dr Ng Yen Yen is a smart cookie or she is )(*@#() when she came out voluntarily in support of Chua Soi Lek's bid for MCA leadership.

Dr Ng says
"We should judge (our leaders) by ability and not morality"
Looks like there aren't many leaders left in Msia, hoh? Our choice here is:
Either you choose Morality or you choose Ability.
Take your pick.

By inference of what she says, I think there may be a complex value set to the type of morality in MCA
For eg.
Killing = not ok, concealment of affair for 12 years = ok
Killing = not ok, corruption = ok

Dr Ng. Concealment of affair = betrayal of family values. Is that bad enough for you?

- "No one can come out & say they have high moral values"
Is she referring only to MCA members?
WAH!! What an open confessional statement I don't need to add 2+2 for y'all?

- "If she (Mrs. Chua) can forgive her husband, who are we to judge the man?"
Big of you Sistah!
But hey! We (& you) ain't married to the man, so we don't HAVE to forgive him.

We, the kaypoh Aunties & Uncles in the Pasar, can judge anyone we like, anyhow we like. Law of the Jungle.

- "Judge a leader on his abilities to perform and forgive him his past"
Now if I were an MCA member, I would be paiseh if the good doctor were to represent me(us) in a community meeting or any meeting with, let's say, schoolkids or religious groups. Even kids knows about affairs, and what's right & wrong..or are we telling them something different?

I know I know. To forgive is Divine.
But hey! You know of anyone who's a Divinity?

And me? I am only a woman so I am entitled to hold a grudge longer than an elephant's memory!


Saturday, 9 August 2008

Stand up & Be Counted: Good Job Brave Malaysians; SHAME on the rest of you

On Aug 4th, Haris from "The People's Parliament" started the initiative to launch a petition to the Agong regarding the future of our Judicial System.

A Fair & Just Judiciary & Judicial System is the Foundation of a Great Nation.

And so, it warms some cynical corners of my heart that (5 days later) - 4,678 brave Malaysians have provided their personal details for this petition.

A mere 5000 signature or 0.02% (1/5th of 1 percent) of our population was Haris' goal.

I woulda thought that was an easy goal achievable in a matter of 2 days.

I know it is difficult to take that first plunge into the unknown by divulging who you are.

I hesitated too. But I just thought "WTF. Put it there sistah!" and did it.

As my wise old mother would have said "You do this because now that your stomach is full, you don't know what to do?"

Yes & No.

Yes. For now my stomach is full.

No. The stomachs of all future Malaysians may not be full if we stand by & do diddlysquat.

We can do jackall - like 99.98% of Malaysians - but I am sure for those 4,680 Malaysians who signed, their gut & heart tells them THEY MUST. (2 more signed in the 30minutes I took to blog now)

I guess in our strange old crazy, stubborn way we LOVE Malaysia.

And Yes. I guess many of those 4,680 Malaysians can live anywhere else but so what?

They CHOSE not to.
They chose our country.

We are not running dogs.
We are not pendatangs.

And most of all we are not anyone's slaves

I am so proud of you 4,680

I thank you for allowing me to stand shoulder to shoulder, head to head with you

Even if Malaysia is not "world class" but we can still be a GREAT Nation thanks to so many little people who makes it happen.

Malaysia Berjaya!
And if you haven't signed the Petition, what are you waiting for? Go now!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Be careful little hands what you do!

Interesting 24-hrs for me. Ye olde man was very unhappy I uploaded my pic for the world to see. "You want to be famous? You want to get me into trouble as well?"

Yes. He has valid concerns. But did I post my pic for the "fame"?

Where got fame? Those who read me knows me awreddy...or at least got see who I am already. I think he means notorious lah.

And as if in support of him, Rais Yatim, the foreign minister proposes setting up an internal watchdog to monitor bloggers in the country.

You all know lah. Myself blur aunty mah.

I wasn't even aware the Foreign Minister has anything to do with bloggers/information/internal security but I guess after losing some strategic tanah, he has nothing better to do, and sure as hell better do something "Hero"? Maybe got chance to grab the top post?

Then someone mucho MUCHO impo(r)tante than him says the Bar Council can incite emotions. Again aunty blur here.

You mean lawyers as a profession or group have no emotions of their own?

They can not differentiate between right & wrong - all on their lonesome self?

Were the emotional cords of lawyers severed (an emotibotomy?) as part of their prerequisite to pass the Bar Exam?

Is this the classic War Stratety in play?
To unite people in chaos, divert their attention. Give them an external enemy?

But here again. You all powerderful important peoples please explain to aunty goblok here ok?

Just because you say, "cannot say", then people will not say meh?

Just because you say, "cannot feel", people on their own will have no feelings meh?

Is Malaysia living George Orwell's "1984" dream?
Are we all going to have a compulsory free emotibotomy soon?
Are we a democracy?

You mean so long as we follow a certain brand of democracy and vote you in repeatedly, we will be "safe"?

Sorry ah. Aunty asks all these questions because truly Aunty being from the lowest order of specie out here do not know the answers.

Questions are still allowed, yes? So please ah? You all enlighten me hoh?

Thursday, 7 August 2008

I am ashamed.. admit I had to resort to defending my country & myself - via defending the reputation of Anwar Ibrahim.

Last night at a dinner every foreigner I met asked me (the only Malaysian they know here), "Is it true he...??" "Do you believe he ...??"

I don't know the man
I am not an Anwar supporter.
Not a PKR supporter. Not MCA, BN or supporter of any political party.

So why am I ashamed?

Because people think our Malaysian leaders must be very dumb, & really desperate to keep pinning the same charge on Anwar and that the average Msian must be really guillible to believe it can be true.

I certainly do not want to be associated with something so stupid, so dumb, so obviously trumped up - & even if it was not trumped up - certainly seems trumped up - to keep Anwar Ibrahim from the political arena!

And so I denied all charges on Anwar's behalf.

And No dears! None of the foreigners there were Americans. And people aren't interfering in Msian politics just because they give negative comments.

Foreigners just think it is sensational news, it is so quaint, & it is just about the dirtiest political ploy.

So there you are Anwar. Whether or not you are guilty, I have absolved you because if I did not, I would appear more stupid than usual!

The big picture?

Yeah! I finally did it. Put my money where my mouth is.
Goodbye Anonymity!
Goodbye Cowardice!
Goodbye not having enough upload bytes!

The big picture set me FREE!!
p/s ofcourse I posted a nice photo. You wouldn't think I would put up a teensy weensy wuspy photo, didcha?

And no. I ain't gonna clam up just cause you know what I look like now

Aunty will just continue her merry old foulmouthed way - because unlike some people I ain't got an image to protect.


Why is Bakaq arrested?

If anyone has been reading a little of my blog, they will know I am not strictly a so-po blogger.

But there are times when I need to blow off steam at the vast corruption & lack of love for our beloved country & nation by "leaders".

Don't call yourself a Malaysian & Steal from your Country.
Don't call yourself a religious person & Lie, Cheat & Steal from the People

I don't know when and how it happened but in my country, there are some really small people who thinks they are really big.

They feel that their wealth, power & success can only be achieved & retained by trampling on the little people.

When I read now of Bakaq a blogger being arrested, I see RED RED STEAM Blowing out of my head. Yeah. Like in a cartoon or comic.

Have I ever heard of Bakaq before this? NO
Do I share in his beliefs and philosophies? NO
Do I want any form of religious state for Malaysia; be it Islamic, Buddhist or Catholic? NO

So do I think Bakaq was arrrested because he is a dangerous criminal? NO

Maybe the police suspect he has connections or info on heinous crimes such as the murder of Nini? Or he is really the mastermind of some Terrorist group?

So Why is he arrested?

For not sharing their-, your- or my beliefs?
For inciting us to go up against the Powers?
For writing about what he feels and what he believes to be the Truth?

So what do you think?

Have our Matamata become more like the Stassi and less like the Protectors and Enforcers of the Law for the Common People?

Is this what Taxpayers want?

People. Remember this:
It is far more difficult to escape the prison of our Minds than to escape a Gulag in Siberia.

Bakaq - my doa for you and your family...even though I am an Atheist!

(Image copied from mob1900 - thanks mob & sorry - without your permission!)

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Hot night for uncle & aunty

WOW! x 100
Aunty & Uncle had a most entertaining evening of sofa wallowing, & pillows clutching. Hah? What did you say? X-rated?

Err...No. It is R or 16 rated.
oh OH!!! US you mean? No lah.

Not US. At our age, voyeurism seems almost as good as the real thing. We mean the movie "300" lah. Yes. Just "300"

Watching this movie is like deja-vu, like the 1st time I saw Matrix. I knew 300 is the next big thing after Matrix - changing the world of cinematography to come.

300 is about 300 brave Spartans fighting the hundreds of thousand Persian soldiers invading Greece. The Spartan men in skirts, loin cloth, gleaming muscles, tough faces, hard thighs. SIGH....!

Those gorgeous women in swatches of cloth - photographed and choreographed and graphically enhanced images and airbrushed - beautifully. SIGH...(uncle's not mine)

I hear it's not historically correct but with all those gorgeous people, do I look like I care? Is Matrix for real too?

300 has enough eye candy for all age & gender groups. Funny thing is I don't think there were any famous actors paid a gazillion for this movie, but their acting was fantabulous.

Gore GORE GORE. Beauty amongst destruction & death.

I spent 1/2 the time either leaving the room or clutching onto Uncle's arms and peeking behind the pillow while yelping. BUT I still enjoyed it.

Next time I promise to sit through the whole thing, arms strapped to the chair. In the daytime. With curtains drawn open, dogs on lap.

If any of you have not seen it yet, RUSH to get this movie.
It was formatted for IMAX quality but just as good non-IMAX.

You will so NOT regret it. But lock up all kids under 21, pull out the pillows, pop the corn, get the drinks & just ENJOY!

We haven't enjoyed ourselves so much in a long, long time at the movies!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Najib: Give us specifics what are implications for RM2/litre scenario

Do us a favor.
Stop issuing motherhood statements.

Pretend all Malaysians are Shareholders attending the AGM of Malaysia Inc, a public listed company

Be transparent and break down the costs & subsidies why Malaysia Inc is losing money

Broad strokes are better than no strokes.

You will be surprised to find that many of us will understand the government's dilemna in subsidising fuel costs

Make it simple.

Base your assumptions on 2006 figures such as oil production & revenue, fuel imports & landed costs, consumption by sectors, govt subsidies by sector.

I am not asking for year 2007 figures as that may be a big challenge

Give 2 scenarios; ie RM2 & RM3 /litre

So easy to make us understand you
So easy to make us believe in our Leaders & Government
So easy to win the next election

Try it. It's been known in other parts of the world that the truth sets one free.

Or is the dilemna to reveal these figures more traumatic than NOT revealing it?

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Chua Soi Lek is FIT to be President of - MCA

I have just read Chua SL's interview on NSTonline & my immediate reaction is WA....HHHH!!!

What a MAN!
What a Strong Moral Leader!
What a Hero for ALL of Menkind!!

*If you know the meaning of Lingam, you will know what I mean

Sons & Husbands - Be like Him

Daughters & Wives - Be like the understanding Mrs Chua or Be like the mistress of a married man

CSL says
- When his affair was unveiled he was only a party VP & not President of MCA.
"only"?? Since you were only a measly VP so at that time, no need to be held up as a paragon of virtue then?

- His private affair is his affair and his alone
So even if someone got buggered, so long as it is private, it's ok?

Including private biz transactions & deals ?

- His wife knew about his 12 yrs long standing girlfriend
And this makes it ok?
For you to cheat? So what signal is that you are sending? To the young men & women of our nation? Fine to commit adultery so long as your spouse is fully aware?

- He had the moral courage to admit it & apologise PLUS he resigned when he did not need to
So if you firmly believed that what you did was ok, why did you resign?
Your wife knew. It is a private affair. You asked people to MOVE on already and wah! You are NOT a bitter man when you Could have been! Big of you.

- In standing for elections HE has to take into consideration HIS ability to reform the party
And there ain't no other dogs left in this world which can also wag its tail?

- People are using the sex DVD as a form of character assassination
Is there any need to assasinate a character which needs absolutely no help in that department?

I have now read the interview twice carefully.

And in nowhere does he mention he is even now, still regretful of his actions & what it has done to his wife & family; if not, more importantly - to the people of Malaysia.

It is "I", "I", "I" - adnauseum

So yeah. End of analysis. Chua Soi Lek is absolutely suitable to be President of MCA. He has the proven track record

I for one, will be unable to look at him without thinking his moral fibres are somewhat misaligned.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Rockybru, Nuraina Samad, ZorroUnmasked & many blogs BLOCKED?

I thought this was strange. Today at 3pm onwards, the following sites were blocked via a message "Program aborted .."etc
Zorro Unmasked
Tony Yew canyouseeit

These were all blogspot sites but then I tried whatalulu & mine - no problem

Then I saw kickdefella posted that he & others encountered the same message.

So should I be insulted or happy whatever virus it is did not bunuh me? Because if it is a blogspot problem surely others will also kena?

Was it the sitemeter some commenter claimed is the issue? I dunno

Me only rumor monger & speculator - so I am gonna clam my mouth. Hopefully my weekend reading & blogging fun's not f**ked.

Before I end, I must post this funny joke forwarded to me by May of Birmingham. I am only trying to repeat this as I seem to have deleted the joke.

A burglar broke into a house and shone his torchlight around the living room. As he was looking around to see what he can take, he heard a voice say "Jesus is watching you". He turned around, panicking. He saw nothing and tried to calm down.

Before long, he heard the voice again "Jesus is watching you". SHIT! He really jumped this time. He went around the room carefully and entered the kitchen where his light shone on a parrot.

He asked the parrot "Were you talking to me?"
The parrot answered "Yes I was"
The burglar asked "Who the fuck are you & why are you talking to me?"
The parrot answered "I am Moses"
"Aren't you Jesus? And what sort of idiot would give a parrot the stupid name Moses?"
The parrot answered "The same idiot who named their Rottweiler Jesus"

AHAHAHAHHAAAAHHHAAAA! I just loved this joke!