Saturday, 16 August 2008

Aunty shops online - Men Skip this Post!

Robert has recently advised me he will head to US for the celebration of Landon Mario Wong; Gina&Leon's son's Full Moon. BIG MISTAKE.
Robert travels the world lightly. His 2weeks luggage = my cabin bag with just my face stuff
& I just can't - CAN NOT bear to see someone wasting biz class luggage allowance on an infant-class luggage. I HAD TO DO SOMETHING.

Uh huh. You got it! He's been suckered into bringing some stuff I hope to get online in US & delivered to Joe's place

Naturally I am over the moon and am busy shopping from my armchair here in Madland. Credit card in hand shakin' - Let's GO BOYS!!!

What do I get? What do I get?? Undies & clothes? I-Pod phone? Books? And if I had a gazillion dollars...the Bang&Olufsen audio set? The new sub-zero fridge?

I think I may just have to narrow down my lusts, and not stress Robert out. He might find it a tad difficult to squeeze a sub-zero into a luggage. I will stick to clothing items.

So ya. In other words Robert may find himself having to explain to Msian customs why he has 20 pairs of hipster panties, some bras & swimwear in his luggage.

Maybe he can pull a "Saiful" or "SoiLek" on them?

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