Friday, 8 August 2008

Be careful little hands what you do!

Interesting 24-hrs for me. Ye olde man was very unhappy I uploaded my pic for the world to see. "You want to be famous? You want to get me into trouble as well?"

Yes. He has valid concerns. But did I post my pic for the "fame"?

Where got fame? Those who read me knows me awreddy...or at least got see who I am already. I think he means notorious lah.

And as if in support of him, Rais Yatim, the foreign minister proposes setting up an internal watchdog to monitor bloggers in the country.

You all know lah. Myself blur aunty mah.

I wasn't even aware the Foreign Minister has anything to do with bloggers/information/internal security but I guess after losing some strategic tanah, he has nothing better to do, and sure as hell better do something "Hero"? Maybe got chance to grab the top post?

Then someone mucho MUCHO impo(r)tante than him says the Bar Council can incite emotions. Again aunty blur here.

You mean lawyers as a profession or group have no emotions of their own?

They can not differentiate between right & wrong - all on their lonesome self?

Were the emotional cords of lawyers severed (an emotibotomy?) as part of their prerequisite to pass the Bar Exam?

Is this the classic War Stratety in play?
To unite people in chaos, divert their attention. Give them an external enemy?

But here again. You all powerderful important peoples please explain to aunty goblok here ok?

Just because you say, "cannot say", then people will not say meh?

Just because you say, "cannot feel", people on their own will have no feelings meh?

Is Malaysia living George Orwell's "1984" dream?
Are we all going to have a compulsory free emotibotomy soon?
Are we a democracy?

You mean so long as we follow a certain brand of democracy and vote you in repeatedly, we will be "safe"?

Sorry ah. Aunty asks all these questions because truly Aunty being from the lowest order of specie out here do not know the answers.

Questions are still allowed, yes? So please ah? You all enlighten me hoh?

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