Saturday, 30 August 2008

Card Shark Aunty

On the spur of the moment we went to a casino last nite. We had bumped into some friends at dinner & they invited us - knowing I wanted to see one here before we departed for good.

Yes. Took me 2 years to decide to go to a casino.

The last time I went was Chinese New Year 2 yrs ago in Sydney - looking for Mei so we can go makan. She was playing the machines with a prepaid card.

All I know is you have to push many buttons & they take your money or give you a little back. I had no idea what I was doing but I pushed buttons for her.

Doooo..iing! Money gone. Just like that. In seconds.

Scared the mother outta me. I am such a f**king CONTROL freak, I NEED to understand the logic of everything & I did not know why I needed to push all those buttons.

Don't git me wrong. I Lurrr....vve sinning.

Just that I don't believe in giving money away..without understanding the gaming process.

So last nite for the 1st time in my adult life I sat down at a REAL casino table to play Texas Hold'em Poker. It must have been the 4 cups of lemon grass tea I took that made me so stupid or so brave.

One could tell I was an idiot at playing Poker. My total life experience included 10 minutes @a friend's house - before everyone politely invited me to watch tv.

Gerard a friend had to sit right next to me so I can whisper "Do I have a good hand?" Poor man wasn't allowed to leave me - let alone take a leak.

I still have no idea which suit is bigger & when to hold'em or fold 'em.

The casino had a prop-up card but no pictures of what those cards should look like next to the words "Royal Flush", "Flush" etc. I NEED PICTURES MAN!!!

My strategy is win or lose - Rm100 is my limit.

Them croupiers kept taking away money from me faster than I knew why and whatfor, and paid me less than I think I deserved.


Through sheer dumb luck - because I didn't know if I should fold or not, & Gerard wasn't helping, I proceeeded to play & wound up with the nite's top hand, a Royal Flush or whatever.

I ain't objecting to whatever name they call it since they gave me an OBSCENE amount of money. Ok. It was RM1000.

Yeah. That sum is no big s**t for pros but I was over the moon. YAY YAY YAY!!!

So what did Aunty do after that? Yeap. I walked off and cashed my winnings.

I sure don't think that casino will welcome me back any time soon.

I understand how people can get addicted because it sure wasn't easy to walk away especially with a winning streak. Phew!


zorro said...

You sinful woman! casino where? Madagascar?

GobloKing said...

ya. Mada. The top one here. They welcomed us like High Rollers only to realize we came for free drinks. No more for me. Take money & lari o !

Faces of some gamblers there are so HARD you see the addiction. Women too! I am shocked.

No way I can find anti gambling cream for my face. Hard enuff to find antiwrinkle to get rid of all them wrinkles!

Juanito said...

hello auntie... well, i am too young an age so i need to address the elders in a more respected manner... come to think of it...i am not that young anymore...

anyways, they say it is always beginners luck.. well, congrats...

juanito said...

i am a 500kpro in texas holdem... in fbook btw..

GobloKing said...

Great juanito!

Now if you see me in any poker game in fbook - you RUN!

I get easily addicted - but strangely enuff, I don't know how ppl with ADS like me can get addicted either.

Will give you a shout when I hit 1 million !!!

juanito said...

just wondering why i left my url on my name but it didnt hyperlinked it...


anyways gonna post it here... boh chap!

if i see u on fbook, i will sure wanna play with u... dont worry, i am very generous one.. i always give money to people when i win.. (i didnt write it wrong)