Sunday, 3 August 2008

Chua Soi Lek is FIT to be President of - MCA

I have just read Chua SL's interview on NSTonline & my immediate reaction is WA....HHHH!!!

What a MAN!
What a Strong Moral Leader!
What a Hero for ALL of Menkind!!

*If you know the meaning of Lingam, you will know what I mean

Sons & Husbands - Be like Him

Daughters & Wives - Be like the understanding Mrs Chua or Be like the mistress of a married man

CSL says
- When his affair was unveiled he was only a party VP & not President of MCA.
"only"?? Since you were only a measly VP so at that time, no need to be held up as a paragon of virtue then?

- His private affair is his affair and his alone
So even if someone got buggered, so long as it is private, it's ok?

Including private biz transactions & deals ?

- His wife knew about his 12 yrs long standing girlfriend
And this makes it ok?
For you to cheat? So what signal is that you are sending? To the young men & women of our nation? Fine to commit adultery so long as your spouse is fully aware?

- He had the moral courage to admit it & apologise PLUS he resigned when he did not need to
So if you firmly believed that what you did was ok, why did you resign?
Your wife knew. It is a private affair. You asked people to MOVE on already and wah! You are NOT a bitter man when you Could have been! Big of you.

- In standing for elections HE has to take into consideration HIS ability to reform the party
And there ain't no other dogs left in this world which can also wag its tail?

- People are using the sex DVD as a form of character assassination
Is there any need to assasinate a character which needs absolutely no help in that department?

I have now read the interview twice carefully.

And in nowhere does he mention he is even now, still regretful of his actions & what it has done to his wife & family; if not, more importantly - to the people of Malaysia.

It is "I", "I", "I" - adnauseum

So yeah. End of analysis. Chua Soi Lek is absolutely suitable to be President of MCA. He has the proven track record

I for one, will be unable to look at him without thinking his moral fibres are somewhat misaligned.


shanghaistephen said...

this CSL is an eye specialist?...errhhh "I" specialist !
so much of crap, from this "man of principles " ?? That's malaysian MCA for you, as is with all other BN parties !!!

Cheers dear, how's the lemurs of Madagasar keeping ? regards to the family . Godbless !

GobloKing said...

yaaaayyy...stephen welcome back! I panic-ked yesterday thinking all your sites kena buggered!

I have always wondered why exactly out of so so MANY people there are so few leaders or so few who wants to step up to the plate that we are reduced to imbeciles for choices

Anonymous said...

Take your eyess off the DVD larrr.

Then you will be able to see more people than Chua Soi Lek only. MCA got 1.3 mil people mah.


GobloKing said...

Ofcourse I watched the dvd. Did I not say I am also Kaypohx1000?

And you mean from 1.3 million MCA members they can't pick a non-soi(l)ed candidate?