Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Facebook & consequences?

I just went into the 22rd century by accident.

I am pretty sure I am NOT a facebook target audience & strange as it may sound, I think neither are 90% of my friends in it.

As a newbie to facebook - I thought it's more for sharing photo albums & instant messaging with friends & family. Then I find out that you can play all types of games on it - mental & real.

Someone I am very fond of, accepted me into his facebook page & what do I find? The beginning of what I would call infidelity.

I was shocked. So maybe he got a divorce but I didn't know? I contacted the dad of this person because we are family - to ask how's he doing?

It's not pretty but at least we think wifey is not in the know - yet. So this guy's parents are trying to do damage control. But you know when someone's well over 30, what can you do?

Which makes me think of this (im)moral question.

Does it count as infidelity if you are married & flirting on line or doesn't it matter?

What if you make out like you are single & ppl flirts with you thinking you are available? Isn't that cheating/lying?

In cyberspace, we can truly be anyone we want to be.

And I don't mean to make out like I am f**king Mother Theresa or something; but it doesn't cross my mind that I should fabricate a life I don't have.

Life is a choice of many options. But to betray & hurt someone we (purportedly) loves & wants to share the rest of our lives with?

I just don't get the hip thing. Why would anyone think marriage is just another transit stop in life?

I think one should be fair to another person. Even if the world's full of promiscuous ppl for whom a fling or 2 or 10 is no biggie, to the one who loves you - THAT is a BIGGIE.

I don't mean to preach - AGAIN - but think hard.

Do you want to throw away the good life you have now for a few minutes of supercharged endorphins in your brain?

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