Sunday, 17 August 2008

Hands on Heart - Who IS yr Leadership Choice?

You know how it is. You think your's is a unique situation, thought or experience until you find many others - just like you - out there.

So I am gonna assume I am not the only lunatic in the asylum. I am gonna assume that politically speaking, many of us, the demographic group known as PMGs (pasar-malam go-ers) are
- Politically neutral (quite)
- Don't care too much about politics unless our country, religion & stake in the future of the country's being threatened,
- Not active supporters of politicians; unless in our eyes, that bloke fought fair & clean, IS fair & clean, & of good moral standing.

IF you do find PMGs in any political gatherings, it is more to hear what is being said & not to support anyone there.

What do PMGs think of the situation regarding Leadership Choices in Malaysia?

#1. BN is NOT a choice; it is a given. By whatever means possible, let's face it. Since BN is THE given, is it:
Najib? Adoi! This would be the classic "if you marry the man, you marry his family"
KuLi? Too old & is still polarizing.
Mukhriz Mahathir? Daddy's boy?
Muhyuddin Yassin? THAT may be the more "neutral" choice?
Didja say Keris? Oh MAN! He's Over!

MIC & MCA & DAP - as if we care?

#2. PKR ie Anwar as Opposition but NOT as the Government
Heck! Frankly Anwar is like the Black Hole. Unfathomable. As the Opposition Leader, he will be ok. But As PM? Have I said "Unfathomable"?

Much as I am not a Mahathir fan (& therefore not an Anwar basher), the problem for DSAI is that we are still not sure if we can trust him.

BUT in DSAI's favor - his wife whom many of us consider a real Saint, & the "Independents" (Ed Lee, Elizabeth Woon, CheGuBard) unifies many of us.

#3 - PAS? Is it the Parti Islam or not? So long as a party is pro-any-religion, the support will not be overwhelming?

So I will ask you other PMGs. Who & what's your choice?
btw - no need for crystal-ball gazing. If DSAI doesn't win Permatang I will be SHOCKED!

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Crankshaft said...

If DSAI doesn't win Permatang I will be SHOCKED!

Me too. I think of our alternatives and I wonder what we have got to lose.