Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Hot night for uncle & aunty

WOW! x 100
Aunty & Uncle had a most entertaining evening of sofa wallowing, & pillows clutching. Hah? What did you say? X-rated?

Err...No. It is R or 16 rated.
oh OH!!! US you mean? No lah.

Not US. At our age, voyeurism seems almost as good as the real thing. We mean the movie "300" lah. Yes. Just "300"

Watching this movie is like deja-vu, like the 1st time I saw Matrix. I knew 300 is the next big thing after Matrix - changing the world of cinematography to come.

300 is about 300 brave Spartans fighting the hundreds of thousand Persian soldiers invading Greece. The Spartan men in skirts, loin cloth, gleaming muscles, tough faces, hard thighs. SIGH....!

Those gorgeous women in swatches of cloth - photographed and choreographed and graphically enhanced images and airbrushed - beautifully. SIGH...(uncle's not mine)

I hear it's not historically correct but with all those gorgeous people, do I look like I care? Is Matrix for real too?

300 has enough eye candy for all age & gender groups. Funny thing is I don't think there were any famous actors paid a gazillion for this movie, but their acting was fantabulous.

Gore GORE GORE. Beauty amongst destruction & death.

I spent 1/2 the time either leaving the room or clutching onto Uncle's arms and peeking behind the pillow while yelping. BUT I still enjoyed it.

Next time I promise to sit through the whole thing, arms strapped to the chair. In the daytime. With curtains drawn open, dogs on lap.

If any of you have not seen it yet, RUSH to get this movie.
It was formatted for IMAX quality but just as good non-IMAX.

You will so NOT regret it. But lock up all kids under 21, pull out the pillows, pop the corn, get the drinks & just ENJOY!

We haven't enjoyed ourselves so much in a long, long time at the movies!

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