Friday, 15 August 2008

Hyena's Laugh

You know another thing I don't understand?

Intellectuals who thinks blogging & bloggers are beneath their contempt and so they can take intellectual potluck shots at Bloggers.

OK I admit it. IF I was any smarter or more intellectual I would be a world-famous writer. I would be an Agatha Christie but that's not aiming high intellectually is it? But hey! I ain't no intellectual! I am Aunty$$face & I just want a billion gazillion of everything.

But I will defend Bloggers. Yes. We sure do hantam as we see fit - regardless of Color, Religion, Clout, & Wealth. Yes some bloggers are very pro-their party & SOME bloggers can disseminate disinformation, rumors & create racial /religious disharmony.

But that is the Beauty of Blogging. Freedom of Expression. Freedom to flip the blinking mouse away. Freedom to Hantam and be Hantam-ed.

So please ah? All you Hi-&-Mightiness please accept that we are all Hyenas & we all are gonna Laugh Differently!

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