Thursday, 7 August 2008

I am ashamed.. admit I had to resort to defending my country & myself - via defending the reputation of Anwar Ibrahim.

Last night at a dinner every foreigner I met asked me (the only Malaysian they know here), "Is it true he...??" "Do you believe he ...??"

I don't know the man
I am not an Anwar supporter.
Not a PKR supporter. Not MCA, BN or supporter of any political party.

So why am I ashamed?

Because people think our Malaysian leaders must be very dumb, & really desperate to keep pinning the same charge on Anwar and that the average Msian must be really guillible to believe it can be true.

I certainly do not want to be associated with something so stupid, so dumb, so obviously trumped up - & even if it was not trumped up - certainly seems trumped up - to keep Anwar Ibrahim from the political arena!

And so I denied all charges on Anwar's behalf.

And No dears! None of the foreigners there were Americans. And people aren't interfering in Msian politics just because they give negative comments.

Foreigners just think it is sensational news, it is so quaint, & it is just about the dirtiest political ploy.

So there you are Anwar. Whether or not you are guilty, I have absolved you because if I did not, I would appear more stupid than usual!


zorro said...

Wah, aunty....the you pic is great....why only up neck?
You should be ambassador in Mad country.

GobloKing said...

At the rate we are going, there are LOTS more Mad people who should be looking for new jobs soon (I wish!).

THEY can be ambassador here.

IF that happened, my dreams have come true. ie Put all the bloody genuine GILAs on 1 island and let'em fight it out!

Ya. OFCOURSE put nice photo lah. Have we forgotten I am superkiasu Aunty? Where got put the ugly pix up one?

I am stupid but not THAT stupid!

svllee said...

Hi there! Great smiley one of a photo! Is that a red cheongsam you got on?

GobloKing said...

Yes svvlee I always try to put on my bright veneer capped smile!

And that is a red cheongsam. I also got baju & sari. That way Muhibah mah!

AND I truly am very aware that whenever I am abroad I will be a reflection of the Malaysian people so I try (operative word!) to be as good as good can be.

1 day people see me in cheongsam..think I am mainland chinese
Next day in my baju & sari - then they get confused and asks me "Aren't you Chinese?"

That is when I explain I am Malaysian & how our Muhibahness works.

Although - Shiiitttt....smoking is a filthy habit I maybe that one very negative image of Msian woman abroad lah!

svllee said...

Now that is what I call kewl..real Malaysian abroad. Do you also speaky Manglish ?

GobloKing said...

svllee myself can speak many MANY hybrid languages! Aunty clever gal!

manglish - can
chingrish - can
singrish - can
gerrish - can
frengrish - can
cantolish - can
cantohokkrish - can

If not how to qualify as BLUR?

svllee said...

Hey, its Steven lah, not svllee!

Talking about blur, just writing a post on that very subject...pls visit in 30 mins!