Friday, 29 August 2008

In Defence of Zorro Unmasked

I have never taken it upon myself to defend anyone as capable of defending himself as Zorro Unmasked.

And I am not jumping into the fray because Bernard Khoo is my best friend or because he is the same color as me or because he may divert some blog views here.

Blogging just gets things offa my chest. That's all. Even if only I read myself, it's still all cool to me.

But I thought this time - fair is fair; and when it's not, I will speak up.

This is about a blog posted by rockybru entitled "In Defence of Syed Nadzri" where rocky asked the question "No Room for Dissent Zorro?"

I reread what everyone said & I did not find anything inflammatory nor defamatory about Bernard's piece on why he will not read Syed N anymore.

Bernard just apologised to Syed N and said he will not read him anymore. End of Story.

And then when Rockybru posted the rebuttal, I think "Wah. Must read again what he said, He said & HE said"

I truly don't understand why Rocky blew this little piece out of the water - and I am sorry Rocky - but it sure seems like (to me) you are targetting Bernard.

Hey hey! I am not saying this is how Bernard feels, this is only how I feel when I read rocky's site.

BTW - I hardly know Bernard & I don't agree with some of his views but he's a good fella & he makes me laugh but he has more passion, fury & dedication for Malaysia than 1/2 the people in any political party.

Now what further confuses me is this

How many people would you think read Rockybru & how many would you think read ZorroUnmasked?

I dunno the stats but I would say I think more people read Rockybru than ZorroUnmasked.

So is rocky trying to point out that Zorro is not objective to his many more readers?

Would that also be a way of not allowing for dissent too?

OK. So Bernard may not be objective.

Tell me who is ? And Bernard isn't telling US not to read Syed Nadzri. He is telling us HE is not going to read Syed N anymore. So what?

Now what is bothering me even more is this.

The entire bedrock of Friendship - to me anyways - is respect & loyalty.

Now I thought a key reason Bernard Khoo unmasked himself was as a show of solidarity with RockyBru (due to him being sued).

So is that any way to repay someone for their show of friendship & loyalty? Something for me to reflect on for this weekend.


Crankster said...

Strange you should mention it, but that was exactly how I felt about Rocky's posting about it.

I saw nothing wrong with Zorro's take. We're bloggers and we post opinions, not the gospel truth.

GobloKing said...

Thanks cranky!
Just when I thought I was the only lunatic..!!
:)phew..then came satu lagi!

zorro said...

thanks ladies.STRANGE THINGS are happening! Me I am amused. I sleep easily because I am always LOYAL to my friends until I feel that they do not deserve my unreserved loyalty.

GobloKing said...

Yes. This is an awkward situation

I don't understand.

If one has done one's best, if one posted an opinion & didn't ask for the world to sing the same tune as one - where is the need for 1 friend to bring into question another friend's likes or dislikes?

I am my own person. I make up my own mind. There is NOTHING anyone can do to change or mold my mind.

Not You
Not Rocky
Not Raja Pet

This is what we all need to understand

Also - how can zorro unmasked match the strength in viewer numbers of NST & powerful blogsites?