Sunday, 17 August 2008

Kids from poor families with Cancer in Madagascar

Sorry to say uploading a photo or 2 takes forever from here.
Don't be too impressed with that TV. We donated 2 cheap TVs recently & the kids are over the moon. The little boy in Photo #1 is 9 yrs old. You can't really see it but he has stick for legs and he looks like he's 5.

Photo #2 is of the poorest kid in this ward. He came with his mother with NOTHING from the province. We are financing his medication & (we would like to think) he looks much better. For 2 weeks his Burkitt cancerous eye was bleeding so much that his bandage was never clean enough.

When one checks into the hospital here one have to bring everything except the bed.

My friends & I takes a day of the week each where we do a stew & a pot of rice, boil them hot water and distribute biscuits/sweets &/or fruits.

We call ourselves "The Cocktail Ladies" - if ever there was a misnomer. There is nothing glam about us, because we actually interact with the kids and families.

I say "actually interact" because these ward's not that clean, & they are super poor so it is not unusual that visitors literally throw their donations of biscuits/milk on the beds, wave, take glam photos & depart in under 15 minutes.

Can you tell I am not referring to a group of ladies from the hi-society here including wives of ambassadors and ministers? Their group's name is even more misleading than our group;"The Wednesday morning ladies group". Yeah right. I sound like a righteous sanctimonious idiot - which I am.
So if anybody other than Julie Soh of KL would like to donate $$ you can do so to me directly. There are 2 things you can select to do
1. Pay for Chemotheraphy
2. Pay for Pain Management for dying kids as those with no money just lie around taking aspirins.
I take any amount. I am not proud to take your 1 Ringgit or 1 Ruppee. We need all the money we can get.
I will try to take a photo of Francere, the girl whose leg they cut off..but she's not up to any photo op at the moment.
BTW some fancy shmancy company here recently donated a whole lot of Expiring in Aug 08 drugs to this hospital. Can you imagine the milk of human kindness in this world? Oh Yes. The media covered it like the 2rd coming of Christ.

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