Monday, 4 August 2008

Najib: Give us specifics what are implications for RM2/litre scenario

Do us a favor.
Stop issuing motherhood statements.

Pretend all Malaysians are Shareholders attending the AGM of Malaysia Inc, a public listed company

Be transparent and break down the costs & subsidies why Malaysia Inc is losing money

Broad strokes are better than no strokes.

You will be surprised to find that many of us will understand the government's dilemna in subsidising fuel costs

Make it simple.

Base your assumptions on 2006 figures such as oil production & revenue, fuel imports & landed costs, consumption by sectors, govt subsidies by sector.

I am not asking for year 2007 figures as that may be a big challenge

Give 2 scenarios; ie RM2 & RM3 /litre

So easy to make us understand you
So easy to make us believe in our Leaders & Government
So easy to win the next election

Try it. It's been known in other parts of the world that the truth sets one free.

Or is the dilemna to reveal these figures more traumatic than NOT revealing it?


Crankshaft said...

Transparent?? These guys wouldn't understand the meaning of the word if it came over and introduced itself.

The government is just figuring out new ways on how to hoard more wealth for themselves.

Crankshaft said...
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