Thursday, 14 August 2008

Plant a Tree to Celebrate a New Life !

This tree planting thing hit me BIG time 2 years back when 3 nephews presented me with 2 new grand nephews (Singapore & Melbourne) & 1 new grand niece (San Diego) within a very short time of each other.

There I was stuck in Madland, but shyshy to say "WAH! Save Angpow/gifts for Full Moon. Thanks for the news".

So I started my devious plan to "save the planet" for the new lives & save my wallet book too.

Anyways y'all know lah. Nowadays young parents are all hip & environmentally aware; so they are supportive of this idea.

Btw - I still don't get it how some young people can be environmentally aware but will use indestructible non-composting disposable diapers on their kids.

NOT that I am implying my family's are like dat but I would be surprised if they did not rely on disposables!

So to the tree planting. Anyhoos, a friend here owns a germination lab which hothouses seedlings into little plants for export. Zak has a big facility & on a visit to his big plantation complex, we saw that he had started planting Paulownia trees big time.

We learnt that Paulownias are vey popular in Japan, China and Korea - the slow growing type - not these new fast growing type. This tree is known as the Phoenix tree given that it can be cut down but will grow back from its root system without dying!

In the olden days in Japan, a Paulownia is planted each time a girl is born. By the time the girl reaches marriageable age, her Paulownia is cut down to make furniture for her trousseau but since it does not die from the cutting, a part of her will continue to live in her family home. SO ROMANTIC HOH?

But sometimes plans can go astray. Had my parents planted a tree for me when I was born, we would have been able to make a Bungalow by the time I got married off! So be careful ah?

So whatcha guys think? Next time you receive news of a new addition or you have a new addition, you plant a tree? Curry leaf tree, plum tree, apple tree - who cares what tree but a Tree!

When I die I also want people to plant a tree for me. Make it a Pomelo tree. I like Pomelos! My lesser 1/2 likes the Paulownia seeing as his & his father's name's in there!


middle age aunty said...

interesting and valuable idea. wonder whether you/anyone has any further experience of 'tree-gift' to share? such as appropriateness, cultural sensitivities, the presentation or pacakaging of the gift itself and suitable type of trees, where is this zak's nursery? etc. thanks!

GobloKing said...

so solly m-a aunty zak is here in madagascar!
BUT you can send a young tree in a pot to the young parents with a cute stick with the child's name & the tree & date.

Nowadays everyone will understand that jungles are disappearing and I don't know of a culture which would disapprove of the tree idea.

I like the Merah Dedap tree because in 2 to 4 yrs it is all grown up & its roots are soft and spreading so no damage to the foundation

OR the frangipani? So pretty and fragrant!

middle age aunty said...

thank you all the same!