Saturday, 2 August 2008

Rockybru, Nuraina Samad, ZorroUnmasked & many blogs BLOCKED?

I thought this was strange. Today at 3pm onwards, the following sites were blocked via a message "Program aborted .."etc
Zorro Unmasked
Tony Yew canyouseeit

These were all blogspot sites but then I tried whatalulu & mine - no problem

Then I saw kickdefella posted that he & others encountered the same message.

So should I be insulted or happy whatever virus it is did not bunuh me? Because if it is a blogspot problem surely others will also kena?

Was it the sitemeter some commenter claimed is the issue? I dunno

Me only rumor monger & speculator - so I am gonna clam my mouth. Hopefully my weekend reading & blogging fun's not f**ked.

Before I end, I must post this funny joke forwarded to me by May of Birmingham. I am only trying to repeat this as I seem to have deleted the joke.

A burglar broke into a house and shone his torchlight around the living room. As he was looking around to see what he can take, he heard a voice say "Jesus is watching you". He turned around, panicking. He saw nothing and tried to calm down.

Before long, he heard the voice again "Jesus is watching you". SHIT! He really jumped this time. He went around the room carefully and entered the kitchen where his light shone on a parrot.

He asked the parrot "Were you talking to me?"
The parrot answered "Yes I was"
The burglar asked "Who the fuck are you & why are you talking to me?"
The parrot answered "I am Moses"
"Aren't you Jesus? And what sort of idiot would give a parrot the stupid name Moses?"
The parrot answered "The same idiot who named their Rottweiler Jesus"

AHAHAHAHHAAAAHHHAAAA! I just loved this joke!


zorro said...

Jesus Christ that was a good one.

karthika said...

very good..........

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