Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I am risking my non-existent muka to show you the "angel" wings I am sewing on dolls I have designated as "angels" to hang over the hospital beds of kids from poor families who are suffering from cancer.

Did I mention I was probably the only girl in my now-non-existent school, BBGS to have failed BOTH Needlework & Cookery that year at LCE (whatever that exam is now known as in Msia; the one you take at 15 years old?)?

I have managed to con a lovely Thai lady Benn this morning to help out with 7 dolls to sew, leaving me 5. It takes Benn 1 day to sew 3 dolls, it took me 1 day per doll.

For now, we are hurrying to finish the wings so that we can hang them up PRONTO.

I think 2 more kids are dying; 1 is 9 years old but looks 3 weighing 30kgs (if that) and the other just had 1 leg cut off in an operation yesterday.

An average of 1 kid dying every 10 days in that stinky ward, with doctors (if they deign to appear) who use these poor cases as guines pigs.
As the Professor of the ward tells us "We are experimenting with how much chemo and radio-theraphy is needed as we still don't know how much is needed"
WTF right? For crying out loud, right? ASK someone who knows in the outside world!!!! But No!
Francere the 15 yr old gal whose leg they cut off (up to the hip), is battling bone cancer, & her leg was so swollen (to the size of an elephant's leg), that the weight of this diseased leg was 15kgs.I think she weighs 25kgs now.

I can understand operating on her if there was any chance of prolonging her life or for a chance of lessening her suffering.

Now Francere will have the triple whammy.
1st whammy is the trauma of losing a limb and will probably suffer from phantom pain - for which there are no drugs to treat?
2rd whammy is that the doctors after the op have found that the cancer has spread
3rd whammy is that Francere is much frailer in health (mentally & physically) after the surgery
I hope the angel dolls will do the trick to give some Comfort and Hope. I hope that when the sick kids look up they can see their Guardian Angel looking over them.
My other half asked why these dolls have psychedelic colored clothes instead of the usual white. Yes. White is good but we need colors to brighten the place up & hide the dirt and dismal air of the place.
I hope God will do HIS trick so as NOT to let the little children suffer when they must go to him.

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