Saturday, 9 August 2008

Stand up & Be Counted: Good Job Brave Malaysians; SHAME on the rest of you

On Aug 4th, Haris from "The People's Parliament" started the initiative to launch a petition to the Agong regarding the future of our Judicial System.

A Fair & Just Judiciary & Judicial System is the Foundation of a Great Nation.

And so, it warms some cynical corners of my heart that (5 days later) - 4,678 brave Malaysians have provided their personal details for this petition.

A mere 5000 signature or 0.02% (1/5th of 1 percent) of our population was Haris' goal.

I woulda thought that was an easy goal achievable in a matter of 2 days.

I know it is difficult to take that first plunge into the unknown by divulging who you are.

I hesitated too. But I just thought "WTF. Put it there sistah!" and did it.

As my wise old mother would have said "You do this because now that your stomach is full, you don't know what to do?"

Yes & No.

Yes. For now my stomach is full.

No. The stomachs of all future Malaysians may not be full if we stand by & do diddlysquat.

We can do jackall - like 99.98% of Malaysians - but I am sure for those 4,680 Malaysians who signed, their gut & heart tells them THEY MUST. (2 more signed in the 30minutes I took to blog now)

I guess in our strange old crazy, stubborn way we LOVE Malaysia.

And Yes. I guess many of those 4,680 Malaysians can live anywhere else but so what?

They CHOSE not to.
They chose our country.

We are not running dogs.
We are not pendatangs.

And most of all we are not anyone's slaves

I am so proud of you 4,680

I thank you for allowing me to stand shoulder to shoulder, head to head with you

Even if Malaysia is not "world class" but we can still be a GREAT Nation thanks to so many little people who makes it happen.

Malaysia Berjaya!
And if you haven't signed the Petition, what are you waiting for? Go now!


gimeam said...

Ello ello Aunty from Madagascar! Aunty from PJ also signed Petition leh. Me so non-political only vocal must be counted too. Our judiciary has already slipped into oblivion; it can still be salvaged but is there is no political will. So unless our King can step in, this country might just as well be Mugabeland.

gimeam said...
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GobloKing said...

HELLOOOOO..Aunty & Sistah!

GOOD GAL! You did the right thing. Now convince yr family you did, and see what they say! GOOD LUCK!

as of today only 4771 brave souls! My family tells me SOMEONE must be around to bring me porridge if I end up behind bars!

Thks for dropping by my little visited site!

zorro said...

Aunty....last year it took us one month to get 5000. In harely a week we have that....thanks for twisting arms and legs.