Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Thinking Allowed

I met some Government officers the night Anwar won at PP.

Not that often I get off my fat butt & even more rare I meet our finest civil service ppl except when I HAVE to or NEED to.

Not that you realize by now, but I am the world's most politically correct person, so I keep to myself - the better to avoid detection of dissident bloggers.

BUT I wanted to gauge what the "others" were thinking of Anwar, & our dismal political tussles, so I swore to the host, on the life of my 1st born dog NOT to say a beep, & I was invited along.

Malaysians being Malaysians, in an exotic location '000000s of km away from home, it took us about 2 minutes to warm up. However it took me 1 minute before I opened my mouth. Now why are you surprised?

Me: Anwar won by 13,000 votes
Them: No. He won by 17,000 votes
Me (unable to hold my tongue): Ya. The people sure spoke loudly
Them: What more does it take to send them a message?

Wazat? I thought their bosses were in Putrajaya? Yes but they beg to differ. They were also the people. They also thought that there is no suitable candidates to be next PM but Naj? Uhhh....NO

Anwar? Uhhh.....maybe but who knows this mystery anymore?
Wifey: SAINT. All heads nodding rigorously

Sodomy? Hard to swallow that in-sai-ful story.

SIL? Daddy out, baby out but he sure bijak boy. Bijak tapi sombong, arrogant, cakap terlallll...uuu banyak

Kerisman? WHO? Hahaha

Muhi? Whisper whisper...we hear he is the most C of 'em all. REALLY?

The former Ironman? Hard to say great but good & will mourn his passing.

WAH! They actually think along the same lines as dissident bloggers.

There was only 1 little disturbing aspect last nite.

My new found kawans were unusually quiet when I declared I for one - am never going to declare myself Bangsa Cina because my family has lived in Malaysia for 80years & you can't get more Bangsa Malaysia than that.

Did I finally say something wrong? Maybe the fear is the loss of Bumi status if all of us are declared equal?

Yeah. We are equal. Because when we die, colors don't matter anyways. So might as well practise equality here&now to get a taste of what the there&after may be like.


Que Sera Sera said...

You said it right. Am a Malay and always think Chinese, Indians and others are all the same..We love same kind of food, we went to the same school, drives on the same road, walk hand in hand, we share same jokes etc etc..basically we are ONE! And if others were to "kacau" our countries, am sure that all races will come together and protect it! We are Malaysians, no matter what.

Crankster said...

I think the fear of losing the bumi status will go once they become competent enough to take on the rest of the world.

Right now, their inferiority and insecurity makes them cling on to the only thing they ever have - their perceived sense of importance in the land they call Malaysia.

GobloKing said...

I must say when I lived in singapore I understand what it is like to be the "preferred" race.

everything senang
everything nice nice
WHEN you are THE race

So I can well understand what the fear is - of no longer being the Preferred race.

The other word I dislike & think we must get rid of is TOLERANCE

tolerance to me sounds too much like tahan. I tahan yr religion & yr race. Not good lah!

How about "live together, different yet the same?

crankshaft dear - you de clever gal with words - what is that term?

My philosophy is " so long as we are united & eat from the same pot, it doesn't matter what the pot holds. We share the joys & pains as One"

svllee said...

Right on..!

My Merdeka? Is when we don't have state race in forms, we don't have to say ''Chinese sales assistance only'' need apply, when we are colour blond..oops, blind!, when we can eat and share at the same table, when we can understand more of each others religions, practices and customs, and appreciate the melting pot, when we do not look down or up at others, and lastly,...when all race-based political parties are abolished.

Crankster said...

I get irritated with the word "tolerance" as well. It's been shoved too often down my throat.

I don't know what the term is - diversity, maybe? :)