Monday, 11 August 2008

To Forgive is Divine..

Except for CSL-bashing, I hardly ever comment on MCA.

Not for lack of things to say but saying the obvious is a waste of time...even if I do happen to have alot of time to waste.

I won't be the 1st (nor the last) to say this (betcha my bottom ringgit) but if you asked any AhSohs on the street what MCA is to them. They will tell you it's like MIC to the Indians.

NO lah. I am not a member of any party and neither am I sponsored by anyone. (However - pl feel free to throw money my way ok?)

But I tell you this. Either that Dr Ng Yen Yen is a smart cookie or she is )(*@#() when she came out voluntarily in support of Chua Soi Lek's bid for MCA leadership.

Dr Ng says
"We should judge (our leaders) by ability and not morality"
Looks like there aren't many leaders left in Msia, hoh? Our choice here is:
Either you choose Morality or you choose Ability.
Take your pick.

By inference of what she says, I think there may be a complex value set to the type of morality in MCA
For eg.
Killing = not ok, concealment of affair for 12 years = ok
Killing = not ok, corruption = ok

Dr Ng. Concealment of affair = betrayal of family values. Is that bad enough for you?

- "No one can come out & say they have high moral values"
Is she referring only to MCA members?
WAH!! What an open confessional statement I don't need to add 2+2 for y'all?

- "If she (Mrs. Chua) can forgive her husband, who are we to judge the man?"
Big of you Sistah!
But hey! We (& you) ain't married to the man, so we don't HAVE to forgive him.

We, the kaypoh Aunties & Uncles in the Pasar, can judge anyone we like, anyhow we like. Law of the Jungle.

- "Judge a leader on his abilities to perform and forgive him his past"
Now if I were an MCA member, I would be paiseh if the good doctor were to represent me(us) in a community meeting or any meeting with, let's say, schoolkids or religious groups. Even kids knows about affairs, and what's right & wrong..or are we telling them something different?

I know I know. To forgive is Divine.
But hey! You know of anyone who's a Divinity?

And me? I am only a woman so I am entitled to hold a grudge longer than an elephant's memory!



Crankshaft said...

Preach sista! :)

I can't stand the sanctimonious CSL, especially since he has no grounds to be so high-fallutin'!

When people called for his resignation, he was pissed off at them because he considered himself noble for admitting the truth.

What flawed logic.

GobloKing said...

There are several leaders I would do my darnest NOT to support amongst whom are:
Plse note this list is not exhaustive nor is it in any order of non-preference

Boomboom47 & his Imaysmelllikea??butImfarfrombeing1

can u guess clever gal who they are?

Crankshaft said...

Semi - Samy Vellu
Boomboom47 & his Imaysmelllikea??butImfarfrombeing1 - Najib & Rosmah
RUsleeping - Abdullah Badawi
RUsleepingwithmydaughter - Khairy Jamaluddin?
bung&dung4amouth - Bung Mokhtar
dingaling - Ling Liong Sik?

GobloKing said...


Male part of yr Answer 3 = Q2
Q3 = Female of yr former A3

And how did I leave out Chopchop The Pork Seller?