Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Sheih kickdefella is da MAN! READ THIS!

Sheih is unbowed. You gotta love him.

He's the type of man women just loves.

He tugged at my heart strings when he narrated why he smiled broadly as seen in photos - as he was arrested & transfering to another police station.

He smiled because he saw his wife smiling at him bravely & he just couldn't break into tears as he feared she would break into tears.

And then what did he do after he was released? He resumed his good works for a raya charity & carried on blogging.

Today on Raya, I read his blog reproduced below

"The Defense Ministry is currently undergoing negotiations with Eurocopter Malaysia Sdn Bhd for its RMAF’s Nuri replacement programme. Defense Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that the Ministry had already sent Eurocopter a Letter of Intent (LOI).Asked why Eurocopter was selected, Abdullah said that the Ministry would have “considered all the necessary specifications in the helicopters” before making a decision, but declined to elaborate..."

YOU MUST continue reading Sheih on this subject.
Go to http://kickdefella.wordpress.com/

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all Real Muslims

My Thoughts are with all the Muslims residing in Kamunting Detention now

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Who's minding the Shop Pak?

Too obvious to say "It's the Economy stupid!" because Stupid ain't minding the shop anymore.

I haven't heard much about Msia's plan to keep the ship of our economy astern in the cold winds of a recession. Have you?

All I hear about our economy is inflation >8%, foreign investments leaving, poor & middle class getting poorer, & high crime rates

I ask myself "If the US & UK is hit with all those bad loans or NPLs, are we exempt since we hear close to nix of any NPLs?"

And then you are asking "Plan? WHAT plan?"

Yeap. Exactly. What plan?

Maybe it's a secret plan? Known only to very smart ppl at the top?

Maybe they are working on a plan. Also limited only to the very smart at the top?

Maybe it's 1 of those non-plans that even caught USA offguard with their pants down?

Whichever of the 3 it is, we are saifuled since that will be from a government we are increasingly losing confidence in

I just can't stop wondering..you know..being an f**king capitalist babi & all (better I say this than some others call me this title first)..

IF everyone from Russia to China to US to UK to Canada to Europe to Singapore is worried, why isn't Msia worried?

Does our Government think we are immune from what's out there?
Do they know something we don't?
Do we not have massive NPLs?
Is our employment not affected by the slow down in exports or consumer demands internationally?
Will my family & friends be ok ie not lose their jobs?
Should I - in the twilight of my career - work on a more portable skill like baking, plumbing or cooking?

Man. I am worried.

BUT here's a bit of a good news.

According to some credible scholars & historians, Nostradamus have predicted that Acopalyse will arrive in the year 2012..only 4 yrs from now.

So maybe it's useless to worry too much and plan anyway?

HEY! Maybe that IS Msia's economic plan after all?

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Strength of the Good Wife & Helen Ang's article in MT

Last nite I had enuf bandwidth to view the short 3 minutes speech Marina Abdullah wife of Raja Petra made during the Abolish ISA rally 2 days ago.

Today I read her posting on her 1st visit to RPK.

It could be any of us in her place, trying to put on a stoic face for a father, brother, husband, or loved one.

But I doubt I personally will have her strength; not to blubber or try to elicit sympathy (albeit unconsciously..but you know us women lah..any opportunity to run the water works & we will).

Marina was strong. She reminded me of Anwar Ibrahim's wife & family. Graceful strength under forceful duress.

I also happened to chance upon this article written by Helen Ang in MT (see this http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/13095/84/)

Helen was articulating exactly what I felt; because of the paragraph that did not mention the ISA should be abolished...but she signed. Helen made a very eloquent logical explanation for why she went ahead anyways

So I did what I should have done. I signed the petition

ISA is just WRONG

"Remanding" someone because they are a threat to some f**King VVIP is WRONG

"Remanding" people without a due Process is WRONG

"Remanding" people for religious "threat" & then subjecting them to Religious Reeducation is WRONG

YEAH. BITE ME. I've said it

Keep Blogging Going!

Short posting quickly.

Necessity may be the Mother of all Inventions..but for me Desperation is the Father of Touching All Buttons

I read IamMalaysian's comment to crankshaft to tag bloggers...maybe as a way to....???

But I am so mentally challenged that before this, I couldn't figure out the button for "Tagging" so I didn't do it.

But seeing as Bloggers may become an endangered specie in Malaysia, I used my truly limited bandwidth & prayed 100x under my breath to the God of Broadband of this country to see where & how to load up the URL of blogs.

The God of this land's "broadband" must want me to do this. I managed to do it, achieved carpal tunnel syndrome & that's why my page looks more interesting.

However I couldn't do it for MT as the URL could not be located.

I am afraid now that I am praying to all types of Gods I may be sent to Religious Rehab. Now I am praying to the God of Rehab to be kind to me.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

(jingle "Malaysia Truly Asia") Visit KAMUNTING year!!

This advertisement copy is intended to air in all countries (except Russia, North Korea, US, Israel)

Target Audience: Bigotists, Putineskies, Pinochetis et al

"Want to
- Ensure World Peace?
- End Terrorism ?
- Stop Dissidents, Trouble Makers, Oppositions (& even irritating Mother-in-laws) ?

Save Money on useless Trials & Due Processes ?

Or if you are too busy, send us your problems...we will do the rest! (wink wink)

We will NOT disappoint you!

We have tried* it
We still use it

MALAYSIA - Tru...uuuly As....ssia!

*Money back guaranteed. Please refer to terms & conditions.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Should bloggers...???

Are bloggers..
Journalists? Or are they just commentators of Society & Life?

Should Bloggers ..
Take a Stance in what they believe?

Should readers believe all that's written?

I read alot. Whenever there's enough bandwidth here. OFCOURSE I too jump on the bandwagon but mostly I write from my guts.

From what I see None of the bloggers are journalists..& they do not claim to be. Except for Malaysiakini or the main stream media as we know it ie The Star, NST etc..NONE of the bloggers (famous & otherwise) have ever stated they are Journalists.

From what is happening, even though I do not know Sheih of Kickdefella, RPK of Malaysiatoday, Teresa Kok ("saint of the common folks" says all my aunty & mummy friends), I WILL take a stance.

I do not condemn any bloggers for not taking a stance ie they just report the facts & wait for your comments

But I dedicate this poem to my fellow countrymen, a poem I remembered written in the 2rd World War "When they came.."

I have changed its words for those of you with a good dose of fairness & justice.

When they came for my neighbors, I kept silent
When they came for my friends, I kept silent
When they came for my brothers & sisters, I kept silent
And when they came for me, there was no one else to speak up for me


* The original poem:
When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent;I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent;I was not a social democrat.
When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out;I was not a trade unionist.
When they came for the Jews, I remained silent;I wasn't a Jew.
When they came for me,there was no one left to speak out

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

"How can we sleep when our beds are burning?"

7 hours not on line + 5 hours time difference = LOTS happened

Raja Petra, & Teresa Kok STILL under ISA, & now Sheih Kickdefella invited to explain why a flag was hanging upside down.

Is that STUPID or is that FARKING STUPID? To the power of a trillion.

Arrest #1 = To Show you who's the 1 & only authority in religion so ISA you
Arrest #2 = To Show you if we said you did it, you did it even if everyone else said you didn't
Arrest #3 = To Show you NOTHING is considered harmless with us; so long as you are a BLOGGER, we will arrest you

So what the heck is Anwar doing about this all?

Nothing. Zipp.

Which is no news to me. I WANTED something to happen but not shocked it didn't. Am I still praying for a miracle? I am.

I am praying hard that Raja Petra, Teresa & now Sheih can hear me "Please be Strong. Do not give in. Have COURAGE. We will fight the good fight."

F**k THE ISA !!
& by extention of that f**K.. everyone else related to the powers of that ISA also gets the same blessings

post post: I am depressed. I am mad. I am supposed to be planning for a great much needed hols for my other 1/2 but I am not into it. Actually about all I can do is wring my hands & post farking useless posts...while trying to tell him "how about a hols in KL dear?"

Monday, 15 September 2008

Zaid Ibrahim: Thanks for your Principles..but.but..

Good man Zaid Ibrahim. Zaid Ibrahim was appointed by the PM's dept as the Minister in charge of judicial and legal reforms. He spoke out against the use of ISA against civilians.

I am sure the good Datuk (yeah..you guys finally heard me say a Datuk is good) did what he felt was the right thing to do. I would like to shake his hands.


If all the keepers were to leave the zoo; who's gonna jaga all the animals? Furthermore, this guy's da Lion Tamer.

Now I hear that the chief custodian of the zoo has asked the Lion Tamer to reconsider his resignation.

Maybe CC is afraid he may be the only one left having to shovel all that shit outta the cages?

Shut down KDC!!!

Kamunting Detention Center (the original KDC - NOT the college KDC) is like Guantanamo to me...except even from G, photos were secretly captured and the barbarism of that place was exposed

What do we know of KDC? Anybody out there?
What do we know of the fate of those in KDC?

Who cares? Who knows?

Until the HINDRAF arrests & the publicity their devoted families & friends brought on KDC, KDC was a boogy man we cannot & should not mention

And now with RPK, Teresa & Tan from Sin Chew (released)..the publicity on the purpose KDC serves in a civil society has intensified

I mean. What gets the rocks off those who put others there?

Is it
"Wah! You pissed me off so I will haul you off to some bumf**k place to rot for all eternity"?
or is it
"See what I can do to you SUCKA when you piss me off, & threaten my heriditary rights as Your Mastah?"

I mean. I don't get it

HOW on this good mother earth can people like Mahathir & Badawi sleep at night?

Do they rest easy because they have justified that they put people away for "our" good?

Or is their reasoning "These people will serve as an example to others needling me. After a while they will only become a statistic; nameless, faceless & forgotten. So just lock away these gnats on my back"

Come on! You can lie to yourself but you can't lie to us all the time

The difference NOW is you have locked up some people whom MANY cares about & will never forget. You have locked up 2 or 10 Gnats, how about the many who have now sprouted up?

If there is ONE reason for you to shut down KDC it will be about how you want to be remembered for all posterity

If you want to be remembered as a Humane Leader, DO the right thing.


Or are you THAT afraid of your own shadows?

My heart goes out to all those in KDC
We will not Forget

Post post: Man.
I need the sleep. Since RPK, Teresa & Tan's arrest I have been having insomnia. Early rising was never my forte & so is late & insufficient sleep. I am tired. I am cranky. I think I will go changkul some holes in the garden to wear me out a bit. Adios for a bit guys!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

I posted this on bigdog & NOW I feel better!

The following message needed to be said.

It was a long time in the coming but I held myself in

I know Zorro advocates tempering our tempers.
I know not everyone is a Bigot.
I know I should not read websites of Bigots & get angry

BUT I NEEDED TO SAY IT. So everyone can just EAT MY SHORTS. I posted the following & now I AM HAPPY

I tell you who I am NOT

I am NOT my illiterate father, grandfather or greatgrandfather who came here.
- as immigrants.
- to escape a terrible fate.
- thinking this is the country of their dreams & so they accepted any conditions on which to be a citizen

BUT I am NOT them

I am NOT your lackey or your slave or your lesser immigrant uneqqual

I did NOT sign a social contract that my illiterate desperate forefathers accepted

I am NOT someone you can belittle merely because you are of the “right” color & I - through a fluke of faith - am not

I do not want to take away anybody’s rights

I only want to be an equal or - as the case may be - as unequal as the next person

I will stand up for all my fellow men regardless of race, religion, gender or whatever

None of my family or I for that matter have a 2rd passport or money stashed away in some other countries to escape to.

I really don’t understand where all the hate comes from

Do you think we the non-Malays deserve the fate of Jews in the Holocaust?

Will you be Happy only if you see our blood spilled in the name of COLOR & SUBSERVIENCE TO A COLOR??

What did any non-malay do to you that you are such a racsist?

If you are TRULY seriously unhappy until someone spills blood in front of you in the name of defending your race or religion, let that person be me.

I would do anything to stop bigots like you from spreading eternal hate amongst peace loving people

I agree that if my country thinks I am not the right color, or that unless I accept that I am a low-class no-class citizen then they should just hurry up with the torture & strip ALL non-malays from their citizenships

Do we look that dumb to you MR Syed Hamid?

When I read MalaysiaKini about what the mini-stah Syed Hamid said, I really dunno if I should laugh or cry. So far I am only crying

This mini-stah said in a Press Conference,
"Tan's detention under the ISA was part of the government's preventive measure ‘to ensure her safety'"

So next time we are being threatened we can look forward to ISA detention which - as defined by you now - is NOT because the detainee is a security threat to the country - but because everyone else is a threat to the detainee?

WAH!! FREE high class bodyguard service man!!!

Is that how Altantunya died? While being detained for her own safety?
I think you should think about giving this free bodyguard service to some of your own friends man.

He also said "We have no intention of holding a reporter as after all she was just taking notes of the comments made by a certain party that led to a public debate."

Aiyah! My 90 yr old mother also know it is Ahmad Ismail YOUR UMNO Buddy who said that wat! Why so diplomatic leh? SAY IT LAH!

And WHO made it a public debate?
So if Assmad said that & nobody made know what he said, then no arrests right?

I think that you are nice fler. You are only warning us NOT to report truths & not to stir up any fuss because now you see who is in trouble?

NOT the dumbassmad who made those racsist remarks but the messenger who made it known to the public


And your ""no intentions to hold" - that one some people would call "oxymoron" but I can only see the last part in the word which befits the one making that statement

And so we continue to be saifulled

"We will not make any more arrests under ISA as long as there is no more disturbance to peace and public order," he argued.

Uncle Uncle. I got da news for you. We can all read & write lah. So Stop insulting our Intelligence with such stupid statements.

We have learnt from Mahatma

I am not going to blog about the obvious that has happened
I am not going to say Saiful you - much as I want to
I am not going to say you must have learnt well from Mahathir because we have learnt better from Mahatma
I just want to blog that:
- 100% of the ISA detainees,
- 100% of the families of the ISA detainees
- 100% of All peace-loving Malaysians everywhere
are praying hard for Your Sanity to return
I would like to say we are not Distressed.
I would also like to say we are not Disturbed
But we are. So I ain't gonna lie about stupid things like you
BTW I personally would also like to take this opportunity to
Thank our esteemed Government for giving great joy & hope to people like Ahmad Ismail, & every keris waving person out there who would like to have blood spilled
The only warning I can give you is that
IF you think people will take this lying down,
IF you think 99.9999% of Malaysians out there will kill their own for you
let you kill us...
you really ought to THINK again.
Better keep your luggage packed & that private jet engine warm.
The only warm thing you will find one day will be your jet engine because in the grave - everything will be STONE COLD
May 13 will NEVER NEVER happen again

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Chinese are the new Blacks

This is getting a tad surreal for me.

South Africa have just included Chinese South Africans in their classification of "Blacks" so as to be accorded the same preferences as Blacks; to redress the economic & social balance of the Black majority once dominated by the ruling minority whites.

So far, 10 years after apartheid has collapsed & the majority race has taken over, the E+S balance of Blacks have not moved upwards too much because..

And this is the surreal part...

The policies to benefit the majority have been hijacked by a very few Blacks to enrich themselves.

I think South Africa should learn from Malaysia.

People should not be classified by race
Any just & equitable policy should be based on needs

And have you noticed this..
Only politicians classify us by color, race & religion

Real People don't
Good People don't

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Dr Mahathir is an unapologetic Racist

Coming from one who's ruled a nation for >20 years..no wonder we are in the s*** we are in today.

In his blogsite Tun Dr Mahathir questioned why Najib is apologising on behalf of the Malays over that Ahmad fella's racist remark about non-Malays.

TDM pointed out that none of the non-Malay leaders demanded Wee Meng Chee, a Malaysian student in Taiwan apologise to the Malays & Muslims for making a parody of the Negara Ku.
Must we point out the obvious?
Leader vs Individual
We all know who Najib is
He is the DPM of Malaysia
He is a Leader of the majority ruling party.
He represents Malaysia as a nation & all races living here

Who is Wee?
He is <25
He does not represent any political party
He is 1 individual representing himself

Location, Location, Location
Ahmad standing on a podium representing UMNO, made that remark at Permatang Pauh, a critical event which was well covered by the media (local & international)

Wee stuck himself in a room with some friends & posted that parody onto Youtube hoping someone will watch him
Why why why???
Why did Ahmad make that remark?
Why did Najib apologise?
Why did Wee do that parody?
Why did we watch it?
Did Wee hit a chord? Did Ahmad hit a chord?
Did TDM hit all chords?
But my question is to our Leaders; young & old
IF what you say or write inflames someone to harm another - because they are the wrong color, belief, gender, or sex preference - would that make you a Hero?

Friday, 5 September 2008

Poor Man !!!! Who's a Pendatang now?

My mother was right. You have the face you deserve when you reach 40.

You can look at this face & ask yourself.."Would I trust this man?"
"Would he be someone I would vote into office?"
"Would he be likely to screw me if I vote him into office?"

OK lah. I don't like this man because he said something Aunty don't like. (Actually Aunty really REALLY did not like what he said.
ACTUALLY Aunty is TOTALLY OFFENDED by what he said)

BUT! Got to admire this man's bola2 cause he sorta stand by what he did (or didnot) say

IF he said Chinese are Pendatang, then Aunty thinks
How can he say this so garang2 if he did not have support from the Gods above?

Was he having brain-freeze?
(I want to write Braindead or Brainless but this fella looks like Super Powerful so Aunty diplomatic lah!)

Was he Super Brave?

Or was he just being Super Honest & said what the others think but dare not say?

Now he say his handphone was shut off for 10 days & not in hiding, which is why his Tuan Besar can not reach him

Poor man can now only point out that he heard from his supporters (not his Bosses) - so who is supporting him now?

The big joke was if he was really away on an official mission - how come his Tuan Besar also didn't know leh?

And if he is being paid by taxpayers how can he shut off handphone leh?

Also how come his Bosses didn't know where he was staying?

How come they can't phone someone from the Sepak Takraw Team to reach this man?

Funny or not?

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

MCA - Have SOME Balls lah!

What MUST it take for you to GET OUT & Truly Be a MAN?

"Let us Bathe our Keris in Chinese Blood" enough?

Chinese are Squatters enough??

Do you still feel like you are an Equal and Welcome Party to a Partnership when your partners are telling you they are out to get you & you may as well f**k off because you no longer have the support of your people?

This is NOT a marriage till death do you part.

Get out now. Your children are suffering enough.

But when you do get out, remember you must rebuilt your credibility with the Nation.

51 years of NOT trusting you is a LOT of damage to Repair!

But if you choose to stay, at least REMIND us once more - WHY ARE YOU STAYING?

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Can Msia have a chat show like Larry King's..?

I hardly watch Larry King or any political talk shows. I am THAT shallow. Too long, too boring, who cares?

I may have spent some time in USA but that does not make me an American sympathiser.

But for once, I was rivetted to Larry King today because he featured 4 people speaking about McCain's VP candidate choice, Palin of Alaska & her Troopergate & Shotgungate.

What I liked were that I saw 4 people (very much masters of their own minds), speaking out openly - about a sensitive topic - without once slamming Palin personally but rather referring to her track record & the philosophy of the Republicans.

But then they can speak out openly since there is something in their constitution allowing for free speech.

Which brings me to the type of ISA democracy we have in Malaysia.

Why is it that "we" feel that Msians are:
- So gullible/unsophisticated that we will believe all that bull we are dished?

- So Immature we will abuse our democracratic rights
- So unintellectual we can not be trusted with open & frank discussions about any Sacred Cows unless the ISA barrel is starring down our gullets?

I can envisage such a show in Msia - IF & WHEN that happens

From BN: TanSri2s & Datuk Seri2s so&so accompanied by all their followers - Everyone a Datuk with their bodyguards & Perrier water

From PKN: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim accompanied by all the rest of us, pasarmalam Pakcik2 & Makcik2 with our payung2 & bottles of home-boiled water

And then speakers are allowed only to speak on subjects of national interest such as
"Should the Eye of Malaysia be moved to Malacca?"
"Can hotels mount spy cameras in their rooms without our permission?"

2 Burning Questions from around the blogs

1st Burning Question is provoked by NIAMAH, Patrick Teo who asked why Tourism Malaysia puts up Large Adverts & Posters with Photos of our PM, DPM & Herself, the Minister of Tourism.

Herself answered that tourists wants to know who our leaders are.

HAH??? Where DOES this TOURISM Minister come from? Which market study did she do ah?

Even Mak Deng from Kelantan knows that when she goes across the Border, she ain't there because she was attracted by the face of the Thai PM (that is a changing scene), or (no disrespect here), the (much handsomer face of) King of Thailand.

She is there to buy them stainless steel pots & pans lah!

That would be a 1st in the world when tourists are asked:
"Why did you choose to visit Malaysia?"

"I was so AWED by the fact that you have a Prime Minister, Deputy PM & Tourism Minister that I chose to spend US$600 to fly here instead of to destinations where there were no photos of their leaders"

Next Burning Question is provoked by Zorro who pointed to Khoo Kay Peng's article about the role of MCA, MIC & Gerakan.
(sorry all ah? Khoo's pieces are so deep2, & aunty just an aunty so I do the aunty summary ok?)

Ya. Bottom line for me is I am curious, & always have been:

So WTF are these parties representing because as far as I know nobody I know, wants these parties, have ever voted for these parties or even know WTF these parties are representing..... except may be bizmen and their wallets?

I don't understand how some people can live so long and delude themselves into believing they are part of the "decision-making" of the nation or as "representation of the minority races"

Let's face it. To me, MCA, MIC & Gerakan are there as the "flower vases" (show piece) only. What have they done for their communities?

I would prefer that they represent us by saying "All men are created equal" to BN to the FACE. THEN YOU ARE REPRESENTING ALL OF US!