Tuesday, 2 September 2008

2 Burning Questions from around the blogs

1st Burning Question is provoked by NIAMAH, Patrick Teo who asked why Tourism Malaysia puts up Large Adverts & Posters with Photos of our PM, DPM & Herself, the Minister of Tourism.

Herself answered that tourists wants to know who our leaders are.

HAH??? Where DOES this TOURISM Minister come from? Which market study did she do ah?

Even Mak Deng from Kelantan knows that when she goes across the Border, she ain't there because she was attracted by the face of the Thai PM (that is a changing scene), or (no disrespect here), the (much handsomer face of) King of Thailand.

She is there to buy them stainless steel pots & pans lah!

That would be a 1st in the world when tourists are asked:
"Why did you choose to visit Malaysia?"

"I was so AWED by the fact that you have a Prime Minister, Deputy PM & Tourism Minister that I chose to spend US$600 to fly here instead of to destinations where there were no photos of their leaders"

Next Burning Question is provoked by Zorro who pointed to Khoo Kay Peng's article about the role of MCA, MIC & Gerakan.
(sorry all ah? Khoo's pieces are so deep2, & aunty just an aunty so I do the aunty summary ok?)

Ya. Bottom line for me is I am curious, & always have been:

So WTF are these parties representing because as far as I know nobody I know, wants these parties, have ever voted for these parties or even know WTF these parties are representing..... except may be bizmen and their wallets?

I don't understand how some people can live so long and delude themselves into believing they are part of the "decision-making" of the nation or as "representation of the minority races"

Let's face it. To me, MCA, MIC & Gerakan are there as the "flower vases" (show piece) only. What have they done for their communities?

I would prefer that they represent us by saying "All men are created equal" to BN to the FACE. THEN YOU ARE REPRESENTING ALL OF US!

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zorro said...

Aunty, during the time of Mahatir, MCA, MIC and Gerakan were dead-wood. Now they are Drift-wood suitable for ikebana decorations.Ciao.