Friday, 5 September 2008

Poor Man !!!! Who's a Pendatang now?

My mother was right. You have the face you deserve when you reach 40.

You can look at this face & ask yourself.."Would I trust this man?"
"Would he be someone I would vote into office?"
"Would he be likely to screw me if I vote him into office?"

OK lah. I don't like this man because he said something Aunty don't like. (Actually Aunty really REALLY did not like what he said.
ACTUALLY Aunty is TOTALLY OFFENDED by what he said)

BUT! Got to admire this man's bola2 cause he sorta stand by what he did (or didnot) say

IF he said Chinese are Pendatang, then Aunty thinks
How can he say this so garang2 if he did not have support from the Gods above?

Was he having brain-freeze?
(I want to write Braindead or Brainless but this fella looks like Super Powerful so Aunty diplomatic lah!)

Was he Super Brave?

Or was he just being Super Honest & said what the others think but dare not say?

Now he say his handphone was shut off for 10 days & not in hiding, which is why his Tuan Besar can not reach him

Poor man can now only point out that he heard from his supporters (not his Bosses) - so who is supporting him now?

The big joke was if he was really away on an official mission - how come his Tuan Besar also didn't know leh?

And if he is being paid by taxpayers how can he shut off handphone leh?

Also how come his Bosses didn't know where he was staying?

How come they can't phone someone from the Sepak Takraw Team to reach this man?

Funny or not?


Juanito said...

face of a eh.... lump of a eh ...... piece of a eh.....

truly cant say.. later get banned by goblok...

Crankshaft said...

Brain-dead la. :)
Funny, I just blogged about it, too.

GobloKing said...

aiyoh! juanito!!!!
I awreddy say Aunty ARROW him - means carte blanche - where got Aunty ban anyone.

Niamah him all you like.

He better NOT go to the pasar around these areas in PJ/KL
Sentul (many nice multicolor Msians there)
Sec 17, 14, SS1,2,3, old & new town PJ

I think I just googleearth him where he can go dat easier.Maybe jungle in Borneo or Taman Negara?

Cranky - I KNOW he's got a brain...just a question of how far south it turun-ed

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether Ahmad has been 'set up' on main stage by certain politicians.

Like what Ahmad said IMMEDIATELY after his suspension, he can be appointed as an 'advisor' and tour the country to fan racist fire!

Sad to be Malaysians by default, Squatters by origin :)