Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Can Msia have a chat show like Larry King's..?

I hardly watch Larry King or any political talk shows. I am THAT shallow. Too long, too boring, who cares?

I may have spent some time in USA but that does not make me an American sympathiser.

But for once, I was rivetted to Larry King today because he featured 4 people speaking about McCain's VP candidate choice, Palin of Alaska & her Troopergate & Shotgungate.

What I liked were that I saw 4 people (very much masters of their own minds), speaking out openly - about a sensitive topic - without once slamming Palin personally but rather referring to her track record & the philosophy of the Republicans.

But then they can speak out openly since there is something in their constitution allowing for free speech.

Which brings me to the type of ISA democracy we have in Malaysia.

Why is it that "we" feel that Msians are:
- So gullible/unsophisticated that we will believe all that bull we are dished?

- So Immature we will abuse our democracratic rights
- So unintellectual we can not be trusted with open & frank discussions about any Sacred Cows unless the ISA barrel is starring down our gullets?

I can envisage such a show in Msia - IF & WHEN that happens

From BN: TanSri2s & Datuk Seri2s so&so accompanied by all their followers - Everyone a Datuk with their bodyguards & Perrier water

From PKN: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim accompanied by all the rest of us, pasarmalam Pakcik2 & Makcik2 with our payung2 & bottles of home-boiled water

And then speakers are allowed only to speak on subjects of national interest such as
"Should the Eye of Malaysia be moved to Malacca?"
"Can hotels mount spy cameras in their rooms without our permission?"


zorro said...

Aunty, as a result McCain refused to appear in Larry's show.

Quite a cup-cake that Palin....saw her in bikini and dressed as eva peron.

How you?

zorro said...

FYI: UMNO made sure Minister of Tourism did not campaign in PP. Cant figure out why, can you? Saiful had to be the star. Her time will come though.