Sunday, 7 September 2008

Chinese are the new Blacks

This is getting a tad surreal for me.

South Africa have just included Chinese South Africans in their classification of "Blacks" so as to be accorded the same preferences as Blacks; to redress the economic & social balance of the Black majority once dominated by the ruling minority whites.

So far, 10 years after apartheid has collapsed & the majority race has taken over, the E+S balance of Blacks have not moved upwards too much because..

And this is the surreal part...

The policies to benefit the majority have been hijacked by a very few Blacks to enrich themselves.

I think South Africa should learn from Malaysia.

People should not be classified by race
Any just & equitable policy should be based on needs

And have you noticed this..
Only politicians classify us by color, race & religion

Real People don't
Good People don't


Crankster said...

Hi Gob, not new story la. Check this out HERE.

But it's funny though. :)

GobloKing said...

oh solly. just caught that on bbc friday. But this story happened to me back before internet existed but apartheid did

I called a spa in SA when I was somewhere stuck in another African country nearby. I really needed a spa.

After the lovely lady explained all the necessary charges to me & be4 I gave my booking, I asked if they accept people of other colors

She said Oh No.They are exclusively white.

But I am not white.
You can see she went white over the line. Then she asked me what nationality am I? I explained Msian.

Relieved she said that's fine as Msians are classfied colored & they take colored people

I can only tell you my spa holiday consisted of me using my bath tub & pretending it was a jacuzzi.

Anonymous said...

How are the Malaysian Chinese going to fill up the immigration form when they visit Africa?

GobloKing said...

COLORED is what you enter as Msian chinese are Msians - so same as Malays ie classfied as Colored! Ain' that a hoot?

But this does not apply to tourists as the new blacks only want the same preferential economic opportunities as the blacks

last time during apartheid, chinese are HONORARY WHITES...IF you stay in a 5 star hotel

Anonymous said...

Chinese are the new Blacks; ISA is the only law in Malaysia :)