Saturday, 13 September 2008

Do we look that dumb to you MR Syed Hamid?

When I read MalaysiaKini about what the mini-stah Syed Hamid said, I really dunno if I should laugh or cry. So far I am only crying

This mini-stah said in a Press Conference,
"Tan's detention under the ISA was part of the government's preventive measure ‘to ensure her safety'"

So next time we are being threatened we can look forward to ISA detention which - as defined by you now - is NOT because the detainee is a security threat to the country - but because everyone else is a threat to the detainee?

WAH!! FREE high class bodyguard service man!!!

Is that how Altantunya died? While being detained for her own safety?
I think you should think about giving this free bodyguard service to some of your own friends man.

He also said "We have no intention of holding a reporter as after all she was just taking notes of the comments made by a certain party that led to a public debate."

Aiyah! My 90 yr old mother also know it is Ahmad Ismail YOUR UMNO Buddy who said that wat! Why so diplomatic leh? SAY IT LAH!

And WHO made it a public debate?
So if Assmad said that & nobody made know what he said, then no arrests right?

I think that you are nice fler. You are only warning us NOT to report truths & not to stir up any fuss because now you see who is in trouble?

NOT the dumbassmad who made those racsist remarks but the messenger who made it known to the public


And your ""no intentions to hold" - that one some people would call "oxymoron" but I can only see the last part in the word which befits the one making that statement

And so we continue to be saifulled

"We will not make any more arrests under ISA as long as there is no more disturbance to peace and public order," he argued.

Uncle Uncle. I got da news for you. We can all read & write lah. So Stop insulting our Intelligence with such stupid statements.


Anonymous said...


Who dares to report the TRUTH? In future, Malaysians will be penalised (or worse still detained under ISA) for reporting nothing but the truth.

Are PM and Home Minister telling Malaysians that we should not report any crime, seditious and racism cases to the relevant authorities because there is a risk of being detained under ISA?

By releasing Tan after detaining her for a day under ISA, it shows the INCOMPETENT and STUPIDITY of PM and HOME MINISTER as both made EMOTIONAL and IRRATIONAL decision! Flip-flop decision-making skill is the forte of PM!

GobloKing said...


Can you believe that there are good journos out there & good bosses of journos, & friends of Journos who will continue the good fight?

Why do you think some of us gobloks are publishing our mug shots?

The truth is always out there

Just that some dumbfools think we are all dungfed from birth and they project who they are onto everyone else.

Jamuuna said...

Hello there...I have been a silent reader of your blog for quite some time already. I totally agree with you...some of the statement these dimwit politicians make really shows how brain-dead our nation is. Seriously auntie, I often wonder whether they are trying to be hilarious...

Hostage said...

The sound of dogs howling is more pleasant to hear than what comes out of this ugly arab!!!

Dog Poo taste better than what we have to swallow with his persistant white lies.

I pity his children for having a lier as a father. If I am god, I will make his suffer incurable disease!

GobloKing said...

Thanks for visiting Jam & Host

For so long we have held our silence and just nodded our heads in tune with UMNO for the sake of not rocking the boat

is the reason they treat us like imbeciles

Which is why
ONE oxford grad in UMNO makes them all rocket scientist

One "Astronaut" made us an "advanced" nation

In a way we deserve all these dumbass remarks because we used to laugh it all off

So they continue to treat us like aunties & uncles in the pasar .. but now they dumbass auntes and uncles actually have functioning brains too

Our mission should not be to bring down BN but to bring down endemic corruption and race based politics in Malaysia