Wednesday, 17 September 2008

"How can we sleep when our beds are burning?"

7 hours not on line + 5 hours time difference = LOTS happened

Raja Petra, & Teresa Kok STILL under ISA, & now Sheih Kickdefella invited to explain why a flag was hanging upside down.

Is that STUPID or is that FARKING STUPID? To the power of a trillion.

Arrest #1 = To Show you who's the 1 & only authority in religion so ISA you
Arrest #2 = To Show you if we said you did it, you did it even if everyone else said you didn't
Arrest #3 = To Show you NOTHING is considered harmless with us; so long as you are a BLOGGER, we will arrest you

So what the heck is Anwar doing about this all?

Nothing. Zipp.

Which is no news to me. I WANTED something to happen but not shocked it didn't. Am I still praying for a miracle? I am.

I am praying hard that Raja Petra, Teresa & now Sheih can hear me "Please be Strong. Do not give in. Have COURAGE. We will fight the good fight."

F**k THE ISA !!
& by extention of that f**K.. everyone else related to the powers of that ISA also gets the same blessings

post post: I am depressed. I am mad. I am supposed to be planning for a great much needed hols for my other 1/2 but I am not into it. Actually about all I can do is wring my hands & post farking useless posts...while trying to tell him "how about a hols in KL dear?"


Anonymous said...

Goblok benarrr!!!

Anwar expect you to appreciate him and totally in support of him, never said he would appreciate or support any one of you what.

Did he appreciate what Raja Petra did for him during the Reformasi Movement and Free Anwar Campaign? Thank you pun takdak

You got more to worry about now, if they ISA him X ke-2, not him but our economy, FDI and clamp down on other Goblokers

zorro said...

Keep cool and calm sistah. Things are moving but unseen, difficult to explain openly. Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...


Please take care of yourself. Don't be depressed by what is going on now. We have to be strong to flight against injustice, corruption of money and power etc..