Saturday, 13 September 2008

I posted this on bigdog & NOW I feel better!

The following message needed to be said.

It was a long time in the coming but I held myself in

I know Zorro advocates tempering our tempers.
I know not everyone is a Bigot.
I know I should not read websites of Bigots & get angry

BUT I NEEDED TO SAY IT. So everyone can just EAT MY SHORTS. I posted the following & now I AM HAPPY

I tell you who I am NOT

I am NOT my illiterate father, grandfather or greatgrandfather who came here.
- as immigrants.
- to escape a terrible fate.
- thinking this is the country of their dreams & so they accepted any conditions on which to be a citizen

BUT I am NOT them

I am NOT your lackey or your slave or your lesser immigrant uneqqual

I did NOT sign a social contract that my illiterate desperate forefathers accepted

I am NOT someone you can belittle merely because you are of the “right” color & I - through a fluke of faith - am not

I do not want to take away anybody’s rights

I only want to be an equal or - as the case may be - as unequal as the next person

I will stand up for all my fellow men regardless of race, religion, gender or whatever

None of my family or I for that matter have a 2rd passport or money stashed away in some other countries to escape to.

I really don’t understand where all the hate comes from

Do you think we the non-Malays deserve the fate of Jews in the Holocaust?

Will you be Happy only if you see our blood spilled in the name of COLOR & SUBSERVIENCE TO A COLOR??

What did any non-malay do to you that you are such a racsist?

If you are TRULY seriously unhappy until someone spills blood in front of you in the name of defending your race or religion, let that person be me.

I would do anything to stop bigots like you from spreading eternal hate amongst peace loving people

I agree that if my country thinks I am not the right color, or that unless I accept that I am a low-class no-class citizen then they should just hurry up with the torture & strip ALL non-malays from their citizenships


Zahar said...

Sorry Sir, but reading your comments make me think we are living in two different Malaysias.

Nowhere have UMNO or any Malay treated Chinese like Jews were treated in Europe all those years ago. If they had, none of you would still be here. :)

I suggest you get down off your high horse of hate, and try living among us Malaysians, and yes even the Malays, without having that red rose tinted glasses of hate on.

Anonymous said...


fcuk you!


GobloKing said...

I am not the one who f**ked you

I do not need to hide under any anon names to f**k anyone. But you I do not need to use that word to

High horse? Tell that to UMNO

Non Malays are not treated like Jews?

Yes we are..except the Holocaust has not happened, and must NOT happen

WHICH parallel universe do YOU live on?

Jews dominated economicaly in Europe - leading to their tragic demise

5% of non Malays holding the wealth of 95% of all non Malays does not make ALL non Malays rich

Why must someone be treated worst (or better) than someone else because of the COLOR of their skin?

Non Malay Malaysians are as Malaysian as any other Malays..albeit of a different faith, & race

So either you and all racsist spewing bigots get that into your heads or EXPEL all non Malays from Malaysia.

THEN you can live in YOUR universe

GobloKing said...

I have NO hate for Malays

Many malays are my brothers and sisters

But I DO however, have intense dislike for racsists of any color or persuations

Anonymous said...

If a company gives/offers you a job, the new employee should be treated the same as existing employees. Sack the new employee if he/she cannot contribute to the growth of company.

The same applies to a country. Sack those citizens/squatters if you think they are not productive. Malaysia has many unproductive citizens.

In future, politicians have to resort to convince their voters who have origins from Indonesia, Myammar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Nepal etc.....

Yes, Malaysia will live up to its tagline.........Truly Asia!!!