Thursday, 25 September 2008

Keep Blogging Going!

Short posting quickly.

Necessity may be the Mother of all Inventions..but for me Desperation is the Father of Touching All Buttons

I read IamMalaysian's comment to crankshaft to tag bloggers...maybe as a way to....???

But I am so mentally challenged that before this, I couldn't figure out the button for "Tagging" so I didn't do it.

But seeing as Bloggers may become an endangered specie in Malaysia, I used my truly limited bandwidth & prayed 100x under my breath to the God of Broadband of this country to see where & how to load up the URL of blogs.

The God of this land's "broadband" must want me to do this. I managed to do it, achieved carpal tunnel syndrome & that's why my page looks more interesting.

However I couldn't do it for MT as the URL could not be located.

I am afraid now that I am praying to all types of Gods I may be sent to Religious Rehab. Now I am praying to the God of Rehab to be kind to me.

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