Wednesday, 3 September 2008

MCA - Have SOME Balls lah!

What MUST it take for you to GET OUT & Truly Be a MAN?

"Let us Bathe our Keris in Chinese Blood" enough?

Chinese are Squatters enough??

Do you still feel like you are an Equal and Welcome Party to a Partnership when your partners are telling you they are out to get you & you may as well f**k off because you no longer have the support of your people?

This is NOT a marriage till death do you part.

Get out now. Your children are suffering enough.

But when you do get out, remember you must rebuilt your credibility with the Nation.

51 years of NOT trusting you is a LOT of damage to Repair!

But if you choose to stay, at least REMIND us once more - WHY ARE YOU STAYING?

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