Monday, 15 September 2008

Shut down KDC!!!

Kamunting Detention Center (the original KDC - NOT the college KDC) is like Guantanamo to me...except even from G, photos were secretly captured and the barbarism of that place was exposed

What do we know of KDC? Anybody out there?
What do we know of the fate of those in KDC?

Who cares? Who knows?

Until the HINDRAF arrests & the publicity their devoted families & friends brought on KDC, KDC was a boogy man we cannot & should not mention

And now with RPK, Teresa & Tan from Sin Chew (released)..the publicity on the purpose KDC serves in a civil society has intensified

I mean. What gets the rocks off those who put others there?

Is it
"Wah! You pissed me off so I will haul you off to some bumf**k place to rot for all eternity"?
or is it
"See what I can do to you SUCKA when you piss me off, & threaten my heriditary rights as Your Mastah?"

I mean. I don't get it

HOW on this good mother earth can people like Mahathir & Badawi sleep at night?

Do they rest easy because they have justified that they put people away for "our" good?

Or is their reasoning "These people will serve as an example to others needling me. After a while they will only become a statistic; nameless, faceless & forgotten. So just lock away these gnats on my back"

Come on! You can lie to yourself but you can't lie to us all the time

The difference NOW is you have locked up some people whom MANY cares about & will never forget. You have locked up 2 or 10 Gnats, how about the many who have now sprouted up?

If there is ONE reason for you to shut down KDC it will be about how you want to be remembered for all posterity

If you want to be remembered as a Humane Leader, DO the right thing.


Or are you THAT afraid of your own shadows?

My heart goes out to all those in KDC
We will not Forget

Post post: Man.
I need the sleep. Since RPK, Teresa & Tan's arrest I have been having insomnia. Early rising was never my forte & so is late & insufficient sleep. I am tired. I am cranky. I think I will go changkul some holes in the garden to wear me out a bit. Adios for a bit guys!


Anonymous said...

KDC gives detainees the peace of mind, (no) thanks to its high-level of security :)

Perhaps, all VIPs and VVIPs should be put into KDC since their security is always at stake

GobloKing said...

YES YES Well said!

I think an initiative by the govt ought to be supported by them first. Let them try out their own hospitality & great peace of mind

I would happily sacrifice my sleep to chauffeur them ALL to the said facilities..& am sure many will help me out to do so.

Quite sure I can count on you for that anon!