Thursday, 25 September 2008

Strength of the Good Wife & Helen Ang's article in MT

Last nite I had enuf bandwidth to view the short 3 minutes speech Marina Abdullah wife of Raja Petra made during the Abolish ISA rally 2 days ago.

Today I read her posting on her 1st visit to RPK.

It could be any of us in her place, trying to put on a stoic face for a father, brother, husband, or loved one.

But I doubt I personally will have her strength; not to blubber or try to elicit sympathy (albeit unconsciously..but you know us women lah..any opportunity to run the water works & we will).

Marina was strong. She reminded me of Anwar Ibrahim's wife & family. Graceful strength under forceful duress.

I also happened to chance upon this article written by Helen Ang in MT (see this

Helen was articulating exactly what I felt; because of the paragraph that did not mention the ISA should be abolished...but she signed. Helen made a very eloquent logical explanation for why she went ahead anyways

So I did what I should have done. I signed the petition

ISA is just WRONG

"Remanding" someone because they are a threat to some f**King VVIP is WRONG

"Remanding" people without a due Process is WRONG

"Remanding" people for religious "threat" & then subjecting them to Religious Reeducation is WRONG

YEAH. BITE ME. I've said it

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Maverick SM said...

I have sign the petition too. We need millions of us Malaysian citizen to make our dys-intelligent ministers to received the message in their cognitive faculty.

I do not wholly agree with the petition but that will not stop me from penning my signature. The essence and objective of the petition is clear and unambiguous.