Saturday, 13 September 2008

We have learnt from Mahatma

I am not going to blog about the obvious that has happened
I am not going to say Saiful you - much as I want to
I am not going to say you must have learnt well from Mahathir because we have learnt better from Mahatma
I just want to blog that:
- 100% of the ISA detainees,
- 100% of the families of the ISA detainees
- 100% of All peace-loving Malaysians everywhere
are praying hard for Your Sanity to return
I would like to say we are not Distressed.
I would also like to say we are not Disturbed
But we are. So I ain't gonna lie about stupid things like you
BTW I personally would also like to take this opportunity to
Thank our esteemed Government for giving great joy & hope to people like Ahmad Ismail, & every keris waving person out there who would like to have blood spilled
The only warning I can give you is that
IF you think people will take this lying down,
IF you think 99.9999% of Malaysians out there will kill their own for you
let you kill us...
you really ought to THINK again.
Better keep your luggage packed & that private jet engine warm.
The only warm thing you will find one day will be your jet engine because in the grave - everything will be STONE COLD
May 13 will NEVER NEVER happen again


Anonymous said...

We should urge the government to change the name of our country from Malay-sia into Malay-ISA! What do you think?

GobloKing said...

:) good one bro/sistah!

But why stop there with only 1 choice? We r after all a "democracy" so give more everytime we hv new PM we change country name

no problem. that way can steal, rob & waste more money & no critics

after all they think we are all suckas

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Regardless of whether it is Malay-SIA or Malay-ISA, both imply something unpleasant........

Now, it has become more urgent. We should urge RAKYAT to change the government :)