Sunday, 28 September 2008

Who's minding the Shop Pak?

Too obvious to say "It's the Economy stupid!" because Stupid ain't minding the shop anymore.

I haven't heard much about Msia's plan to keep the ship of our economy astern in the cold winds of a recession. Have you?

All I hear about our economy is inflation >8%, foreign investments leaving, poor & middle class getting poorer, & high crime rates

I ask myself "If the US & UK is hit with all those bad loans or NPLs, are we exempt since we hear close to nix of any NPLs?"

And then you are asking "Plan? WHAT plan?"

Yeap. Exactly. What plan?

Maybe it's a secret plan? Known only to very smart ppl at the top?

Maybe they are working on a plan. Also limited only to the very smart at the top?

Maybe it's 1 of those non-plans that even caught USA offguard with their pants down?

Whichever of the 3 it is, we are saifuled since that will be from a government we are increasingly losing confidence in

I just can't stop know..being an f**king capitalist babi & all (better I say this than some others call me this title first)..

IF everyone from Russia to China to US to UK to Canada to Europe to Singapore is worried, why isn't Msia worried?

Does our Government think we are immune from what's out there?
Do they know something we don't?
Do we not have massive NPLs?
Is our employment not affected by the slow down in exports or consumer demands internationally?
Will my family & friends be ok ie not lose their jobs?
Should I - in the twilight of my career - work on a more portable skill like baking, plumbing or cooking?

Man. I am worried.

BUT here's a bit of a good news.

According to some credible scholars & historians, Nostradamus have predicted that Acopalyse will arrive in the year 2012..only 4 yrs from now.

So maybe it's useless to worry too much and plan anyway?

HEY! Maybe that IS Msia's economic plan after all?


Maverick SM said...

We Malaysian executives have great plan because we believed we are BOLEH, everything boleh.

And should we fail, it because others are jealous of our BOLEH.

Mahathir blamed Soros and Americans.

Pak Lah can blame Najib.

Najib can blame Anwar.

We Malaysians never believed we can fail unless it is others who caused us to fail.

By ourselves we are great, tuans, and everyone else are fools.

BTW, we Malaysians means, other than pendatang.

GobloKing said...

LOL Mav..yeah..for bloody once someone didn't put the blame on me!!

Do you know anything of what our 'dear great leaders" have as their great universal plans to hold our economy together?

I am seriously worried our game plan is zilch

when young no $$ no worries
now old got 2 coins to rub together, MORE worries!

shanghaistephen said...

Not to worry dear....What plans??? No need for plans....the majority of people are still "breaking fasts" in 5 star hotels on a daily basis !
we in Malaysia have got grand designs for favored GLC's in time of recession !It's called "BAIL-OUTS" with the rakyat's EPF monies, revenue from sudden increase of fuel prices and taxes.
But don't worry , but the zakat monies are intact !

Anonymous said...

Even if Malaysian government could come out with a plan to revive the economy, I doubt the capability and honesty of the ministry to execute the plan.

The standard plan is to award the projects to the person you know best within a political party :)

GobloKing said...

yeah they say "it's not what you know but who you know"

In Msia some embodies this popular phrase wholeheartedly!

Many of us could have and should have but didn't out of principle.

So here we are
And THERE some others are!