Monday, 15 September 2008

Zaid Ibrahim: Thanks for your Principles..but.but..

Good man Zaid Ibrahim. Zaid Ibrahim was appointed by the PM's dept as the Minister in charge of judicial and legal reforms. He spoke out against the use of ISA against civilians.

I am sure the good Datuk ( guys finally heard me say a Datuk is good) did what he felt was the right thing to do. I would like to shake his hands.


If all the keepers were to leave the zoo; who's gonna jaga all the animals? Furthermore, this guy's da Lion Tamer.

Now I hear that the chief custodian of the zoo has asked the Lion Tamer to reconsider his resignation.

Maybe CC is afraid he may be the only one left having to shovel all that shit outta the cages?


svllee said...

Nice take on this one..last one leave, please turn off the lights..! I await with eagerness the Porsche 916, a very very rare Porsche indeed.

Anonymous said...

While Zaid Ibrahim was seen as the 'burden' for BN or UMNO to be exact, he is the HERO for Rakyat as Zaid upholds his principles!