Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Aunty Shark's Stock picks

My mood has improved tremendously this minute as I watched the shares climb again all over the world except Malaysia. Strange huh? (wink wink). I had better post this blog fast as things seems to change everyday. So the Bull may not last.

I am giving you these tips NOT that I own a single share in this world but there will always be those of us who are higher risks takers than the rest, and who have more money than they know what to do with.

My dear departed dad used to tell me; it is easiest to become a Millionaire when times are bad, not when times are good.

So I just pass all these critical info onto you guys, k?

And don't go asking about my stock market experience.
Both times I bought stocks, ie 2 stocks only, I have lost money.

So who better to pass you tips than me?

But rest assured my tips came down from Gurus on high to me.

So no problem. I tell them to You!

My gurus tell me
1. Buy into DAX (German stocks) when the index gets down to 2,500. This should take no longer than a year

2. Buy into Companies manufacturing household items like Unilever, Henkel (of Germany) or now ICI/Akzo

3. Do not buy any big ticket items for 1 to 2 years. Prices will drop

BTW my dad also used to say that by the time my mother's hairdresser is giving her stock picks, is the day we should run for the mountains.
& Nah. My dad didn't play the markets
& Nah. We didn't make a million either


juanito said...

auntie goblok, so what is ur point i may ask.. buy or not to buy? how to buy german stocks from msia? unilever can la.. the rest leh??

GobloKing said...

juanito (s)tweetie!
I THINK u can open an international shares trading account on the net? Not sure but just check out the reputation of the trading company if you do

But now's not right yet when it is still yo-yoing.

HARD Cash & those awful gold GOLD jewellery yr mother gave you but you never wear?

THOSE will be king - so long as you have a garden in which to bury it. :)

Even in Msia when you see shares of companies (watch the PE) dealing in consumer items (detergent, toothpaste) at a low enough price AND you can afford to hold shares for a couple years - BUY!

Actually seeing as the price is already damn low I may buy shares as christmas gifts instead of greeting cards or a gift. Same price anyways!