Saturday, 4 October 2008

Holidaying like there's no tomorrow

"I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it...I want I want I want to..."

YEAH! Ye olde man & I planned for our holidays before all the damn bad economic news. Now we label our holidays "Last Ditch at the OK Corral".

Even though for the past 2 years, we have been told by some very smart investor friends that IT was coming, we never prepared for it. Like 99% of you out there, we were like kancils caught in the headlights with a rifle pointed at our rumps.

We know now that IT has just begun to rear its ugly head. What we don't know is for how long and how bad.

So for once, BOTH of us from the great divide agreed on something.
We are in for a rough time ahead.
We are likely to be f**ked - but just don't know how soon, how fast, how hard.
So, let's go for this blow-out holiday & pretend the world's still right

Which is why I am flying business for the 2rd time in 18 years. The price just about hit my threshold of pain, so I went for it. If it had cost even a euro more, I woulda ditched that idea.

Now I am so excited about this flight that I have spend 2 days trying to pick out the right gear to wear that does not say "I don't normally fly biz class" when I realized something about myself that hit home.

The accessories often says it all. All I have with me here are my (good) imitation Prada bag, my sensible overcoat, & my "Channel" watch. The crew from Air France can tell a fake when they see one. So I ain't even gonna try to look cool. The tracksuit it will be.

Now you would think - since there is an economic crisis, it stands to reason there will be great bargains for hotels, right?

Uhh...NO. I ended up researching & shopping on the net for 3 weeks & finally settled for what we wanted to pay. Not 3 star rates for 5 stars hotel but 3 stars rates for 3-star hotels.

But the worst was when I tried to book in Paris for something decent nearest the airport for my transit day, including checking out a hotel with 300 rooms which was sold out @ no less than >330 euro a night!

Blow me over! Maybe the recession ain't there? Or maybe it ain't hit people visiting Paris? Or maybe the Msian contingent with our Education Minister are staying there?

Don't even ask me about shopping. Like a typical woman, I really WANT everything but need nothing. It is Autumn in Europe but that never deters a good woman. It does't matter 1 iota that one usually lives in a hot country. It only ever matters if you look great in the clothes.

BUT seeing as it is the world economic crisis adnauseum, THIS time I will be smart.

I will try my heretofore untested* strategy to stay on the straight & narrow. I will distract myself by:
- hitting museums, parks & galeries &
- spending more time enjoying a nice meal

*not because I have not thought of this before, but because in >20 years of travelling, I haven't had the time away from shopping to THINK of testing it

Maybe this time with the worsening world economy, I will really be able to test my strategy? WISH ME LUCK!

NOW. Where are my knee high leather boots & my thick woolen socks?


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your holidays!

Let your mind free from this corrupted Malaysian politics!

Maverick SM said...

Have a good holiday mamm; how I envy to be as happy as you are.

I love Paris too; including the Hilton, and her.

GobloKing said...

Thanks anon & mav
I can't get my mind offa my fked up I will steal watever internet time I can lay my grubby hands on

I am concerned about RPK...whether or not I agree with him..he still has the right to a legal process

and only stopover. I am in sauerkrautland mainly...& I will eat an extra portion of stinking sauerkraut in yr honor

unfortunately i don't drink or I shall drink a Weissen for you too

ok..I will buy a handbad & pair of shoes in honor of you! :) You see how you are MAKING me spend unnecessary money?