Monday, 27 October 2008

I am a Victoria Secret Model

I will come to the bit when I became a Victoria Secret Model. But first.

I love, adore, admire, & respect whoever it is who's Malaysia's Financial & Economic Guru

Despite the HUGE worldwide financial crisis that's a ranging fire sweeping across all of the Americas, Europe & Asia (Central, Middle, South East, Far East etc) - Malaysia has escaped with nary a scratch

Whoever it is who's turning water into wine, I am so gonna nominate you for the Keynesian Economic Prize & a sainthood to the Vatican.
Even if you are not a Catholic.
Or an Economist.
Or know how to use a calculator.
YOU are GOD(like) to me.

Because folks. What we are seeing right here, right NOW is a MAJOR miracle man! exactly what is it that Malaysia's doing that's so right & which 99% of the world's not?

Ye..eeap. Duh

We do Duh well. Which is why we are not in any shithole.

So Duh. Hakuna Matata to you please.

OK. While we're on a roll, I bring you back to the topic of this posting.

I am the reigning Hawaiian Tropics Queen
I am a Victoria Secret Model

And yeah. My husband's Orlando Bloom


doggie dog said...

my wife is megan fox... dr.m is my grandpa... tom cruise is my brother..

GobloKing said...

so long as you leave my Orlando outta this - you can have the wierd T Cruise, and the increasingly wierder Dr Who?

zorro said...

I used slip on those tiny things for the Victoria Secret Models. Now it figures....when I met you in the rain outside your house...I knew I met you somewhere. Holding the thongs for them to gingerly place their heeled feet into was getting boring...same scene day in day dont live by bread alone mah.

Anonymous said...


you are mad... your wife is a bitch and your brother is a chi hua hua...

are you gay btw? if you are gay, you can take orlando broom with you.

muah hahaha

GobloKing said...

eh ggt, I welcome all on my blogsite except for peadophiles (those ppl I personally snip off any protrusions i find on their body)
So no insultng the dog's family members as, like me, he has no control over who are his family

And Zoooorrro..the last time I helped anyone into their thongs were when thongs were called "Foong Keong"s!

Anonymous said...

Hi Goblok,

Since his name is Doggie Dog and if he was a male, it only makes sense his wife is a bitch...

Right Doggie??

woof woof...