Sunday, 5 October 2008

I forgot to justify...

Solly all hoh? I forgot to justify for my hols & my life of "luxury" explain

Now. Some got say I am 1 of those Chinese people living in luxury obstensibly on the backs of my fellow poor countrymen..or at least THANKS to my country who gave me citizenship despite being a Pendatang (or is it Binatang? I dunno awreddy. All same same to me)

Like most of you out there :
My father didn't give me, my mother didn't give me, my country gave me far less & worst of a deal

Short V of the long story is no "place" in uni for me locally, I had no finance anyways to study here or abroad.

But I worked & saved & went abroad (US1000 to pay for 3 years education? hahaha) earning my way through univ, came home, worked shortly, married foreigner who's not allowed to work although highly qualified (him) as there is only spouse dependency visa

We had to leave to wherever that would take us (including Singapore who eventually even offered my foreign spouse citizenship!!).

Ofcourse in between we studied somemore while working, worked like fiends, & saved prudently.

Which is how I got my money to live in "luxury"

So where is it exactly in my life that makes some ppl say I have lived off the backs of some other poor people?

My story is almost the same story I know from all my friends. We made it on our own.

Every cent we have today, we earned it, & even earned it in other countries to bring it back here

So ain't nobody gonna say to your or my face
"You chinese ppl exploited Malay ppl to be rich" Or "Chinese companies only hire chinese ppl which is how you got rich"

WTF was that illogical statement from seemingly intelligent ppl assuming we are all some kinda f**king Ananda Krishna or Lim Goh Tong just because they happen to be of the same race?

If 1 lousy chinese / indian / malay / whatever race conned you, was rude to you, exploited you or got the better of you does that mean you should tar us all with the same brush?

Hrmmmpph! GOT THAT OFFA MY (small) CHEST!

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