Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Passing of Lee Kuan Yew's thorn: JB Jeyaretnam

I HAD to post this.

Conscience dictates that I must honor this humble, intriguing, BRAVE man who stood like a Giant Cactus in a pristine, over-pruned artificial garden of roses.

I don't know Mr Jeyaretnam but I have often seen him when he was trying to sell his book in Singapore at Orchard Road.

On a few ocassions, I have slipped him a little something to help out & he has tried to push back his book to me. I was sure as hell secret police were present & monitoring him & all who approached him but I couldn't help it. I reasoned that if "they" can let him stand there, they will let me support him a little.

I know many ADMIRED (not pitied..but ADMIRED) this man with the dogged tenacity. He stood up (& out) for his views against the ruling party.

I can still see him - standing unbowed in the heat (& even rain) to sell his books. (Maybe so he can have money for legal defence or to live on?)

Many who were (rightfully so) afraid of trouble went out of their way to avoid his "personal space" as he stood there. The only clearing on a crowded lunchhour in Orchard Rd was wherever Mr Jeyaretnam was standing.

I also know some considered him gila / siau / stupid / fanatical / idiotic to go against the system like that. But I gotta tell you, I really REALLY liked the man. He is my idea of a REAL man

After they have demolished this man financially, now the Sing Government has given him a glowing condolence - "honoring his fighting spirit".

WTF ain't it?

Mr. J. I will miss your Undauntable Spirit!

ye..eahh..BITE ME !!


Crankster said...

Thanks for posting this, Gobloking, it reflects exactly what I thought of Mr Jeyaretnam.

There are times when I'm really glad I don't live in Singapore.

GobloKing said...

Welcome dear!

I don't think many malaysians (non-indian descent) know of Mr J

Even I know only snippets of his struggle.

But what I DO know is

- A man's principles are the embers lighting the eternal flames of his Memory, not his wealth

- the wicked does not always die a horrible death...much as many would like or believe!

Anonymous said...

Due credits should be given to those who deserve them............not just simply awarding Datuk/Dato/TanSri titles to some so-called 'morons'