Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Trying Times

Reading the following, you will know Aunty didn't need to empty out the goldfish to use his bowl to forecast the following socio-economic "trends"

1. More "cocooning" (American speak for staying at home).

This will increase time families spend together creating more opportunities for mummy to clean up, daddy not to help, kids squabling, grannies interfering, sofas replacing etc

So who's saying now that more time is better than quality time?

2. Less Shopping, more Exercising
Forecasting this does not make me happy :( but I am gonna say it.

There will be (FOR SURE) a huge drop in consumer spending, even window shopping(GASP!)

However for those better heeled, there may be perhaps an increase in gym & club participation (finally justifying those darn expensive membership fees).

For those unable to afford gym/club fees? There will be an increase in people gardening & walking around their neighbourhood - which should help bring down the rate of break-ins (she hopes!)

3. Iffy trend: Better air quality as less traffic jams, with more car pooling &/or using public transport?

With more unemployment, I guess we will have more time to wait for those damn unreliable buses but seeing as we are all still spoiled with our cars, & Msia being so darn hot & humid, I ain't sure this trend will take off

4. Rise in crime rates or more likely small time thieves ie snatch thefts, break-ins, shop lifting.

Bring out a walking stick or umbrella because I haven't heard of a single case where snatch thieves will target you if you are gonna hit 'em on the head

Better still, leash the formidable MIL (mother-in-law) to the fence. That's always a great deterent!

5. Even greater intolerance with the government for not being pro-active, protecting our assets & jobs, wasting resources (= to corruption??), & not getting foreign investment.

Worst STILL it is using everything in its power to give you some bullshit good news ("oh lookie here. You too can grow your own vegies") on their bullshit controlled media ....

While at the same time not allowing us to speak up for what's really in our hearts & minds.

I can tell you this though.

If I ever see a politician or government "servant" whooping it up with some supersized MacMansion in a supersized car with a supersized wallet - I am SO gonna whop them.

In fact at the airport if I see anyone abusing their power to get excess luggage, get upgraded for free or using taxpayers' money to lug away their 32 pieces of luggage, you are so gonna see me WHOP 'em big time.

But what am I saying?

I am not even in the same 1st/Business class counters nor even in the same terminal (think Air Asia or PuduRaya Bus Station from now on!)

SIGH. Times are sure gonna get me TRYING!

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