Sunday, 2 November 2008

And all because of her ?

Thanks to crankshaft's posting, I got to vote Obama/McCain

sorry guys, I dunno where that "here" thingy is...u know, the thingy pointing the way to her site :)

I think McCain's goose is cooked because even I who don't trust Obama (the big O is too slick & too full of rhetorics) can't find it in me to vote McCain.

And all because of Palin.yeah. She's THAT big a liability

What exactly were the Republicans thinking in bringing her to the forefront?

They woulda done better if they had just walked into any supermarket & picked up the 1st photogenic mum they could find.

No disrespect to Mums & Women everywhere. The Mums I know are a lot more intelligent & decent (it would seem) than Sarah Palin. Even if she was Governor of Alaska for 4 years.

The reason Satruday Night Live does Palin so often is because there is just SO much dirt on her. She's been shown to have abused her power as governor to throw her ex-bro-in-law out of office, had claimed travelling money for working from home & also charged her office at home to the state. WOW!

Little wonder McCain will lose.

I rather like him. He really did spend 7 yrs as POW in Vietnam even though his release was secured from the 'Congs by his father who was a General. He stayed 6 yrs longer than he should because he had refused to leave his brothers-in-arms who have been left there.

And Vietcong Jails ain't no laughing matter my friends!

So. Obama will win.

NOT that I am not a sucker for a cute face (I am!) but a cute face with a honeyed voice does not a Great leader makes!


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Hahaha!! The link is here:

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