Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Goblok's 1-wo(e)man version of "The View"

I love the View. It's a group of savvy women (journalists, comedians, activists) exchanging frank, revealing, funny, controversial views on news worthy events & issues.

IF I could do The View - Malaysian-style my dream team would be
- Marina Mahathir (yeah..I do LIKE her. And that's nothing to do with the fact her father is TDM..she's her own person),

- Crankshaft (what's there to say about this savvy 20-somethin'?),

- Nuraina Samad (articulate, very much a lady & knows her mind),

- Helen (Ang I think? I see her posting on Haris' blog),

- Rafidah Aziz (controversial? But she does speak up!!),

- Susan Loone (has a great blog),

- Teresa Kok (my mother wants her)

- Hannah Yeoh (my brother wants her)

- Any of the lady Actors from Actors Studio

- Many of the Alumni of (the now non-existent) BBGS - my alma mater

- Also my sis-in-law to mediate. She who can hold the fabric of my family together gets my vote!

Who's the comedian on my list? It's not the actors studio bunch for sure!

But the list really just goes on & on!! I am spoilt for choice. Which is why I wonder: why are the wrong people in power hah?

However - back to reality, here I am the potential producer with no money or support to do The View. So, here's my 1-man show for today.

1st View subject: Chua Soi Lek who doesn't just want to be a "Yes" man.
Today there's an online poll on NST asking if he should be back in the Cabinet. 67% voted NO.

So..err..DATUK SERI..you've heard the popular voice. Seems like whatever it is you've done with yr wife's silent consent, however you've said it's nobody's biz, no matter how well you did in yr public service - has not convinced us you are fit material for leading the people.

But I understand the confusion. There are lots more crooked & adulterouse men out there leading the nation, so how come you are singled out as being exceptionally bad? My explanation? Suai. Bad Luck. Karma. You've said "Yes" 12 years too many?

Maybe the poll only serves to show that there are more people out there who knows right from wrong (or seems to know right from wrong)...or is it that women still rules ?!!!

Then there's the news of a huge lack of Oncologists: Instead of 200 needed, but we only have 39. Given that 40,000 new cases are reported every month, and there should be at least 8 oncologists for every million persons.

Why is there a shortage? Ask Mahathir.
Or ask all our VVIPs who whisk away their families to US or UK or even Singapore for treatment. Only mere mortals like us would have to make do with that 39 oncologists or just go suck salted ducks' eggs.

Fav subject! Are you living next to a plot of empty state land? Do you wish to expropriate that as your own?

Ask Zakaria Deros' family who is now appealing to the council against the decision that they must dismantle the concrete (not just barbed wire) perimeter wall they've built on an empty state land next to their 16-room mansion in a poor village in Klang.

Should a dead man's gain (which is suspected to be dubiously acquired?) be left alone? Should his family be responsible for the Sins of the Father?

Ask our leaders & their families & the answer will be (almost) the direct opposite to the answer of the Rakyat.

Ongoing subject of Arrests, ISA, Court Cases:
Why RPK? Why Hindraf? Why 63 languishing in Kamunting? Why Razak Baginda? Why Paula Khoo? Why Ronnie Liu? Why civilians carrying candles?

Ask who ah? PM & DPM outta country for 2 days? Who's running the country? Or are we so used to running on remote...or issit empty?

Now..If you want the real View - SHOW ME THE MONEY!!


Juanito said...

Hi Auntie,

Seriously not sure how to address you but Auntie shud be formal enough..

Haha...hamsap blog? I like too hamsap blog.. Lol..

Thanks for your compliments about my blogsite. Am very very honored to have you complimenting it..

For the type font, I can definitely enlarged it but definitely cant be like ur font size la.. Since you definitely know that I write pretty long, if the fonts were toooo large, then habis la my blog... haha...

Anyways, thank you again. Appreciate it. Have a good week ahead.. Just got back from Bodohland today...

GobloKing said...

I long for the days ppl addressed me as "Miss"..many MANY galaxies back!

So you may as well call me Aunty - or Bitch - I love dogs & better I call a spade a spade first!

Don't talk3talk4 only. You wanna co-produce my show or not? Sure make money one. If not, just send me the dosh.

Somemore you want humsap you get humsap. 1st view topic is to interview Angeline, "friend" of Chua Soi Lek. That should send the ratings thru the roof!

Juanito said...

I sure dont mind co producing your show.. But I need to know the details... I can walk the talk but I need some guidance la.. U know la, being spoilt by the govt all my 32 years of life.. Lol..

So, how can I help, Auntie? If I call you Miss also can but dont know the name that follows after the Miss..

juanito said...

Btw, a little out of your vocab league la.. wat is DOSH? Dept of Safety and Health kah?!

juanito said...

Btw, a little out of your vocab league la.. wat is DOSH? Dept of Safety and Health kah?!

GobloKing said...


Co-prod is easy. Get sponsors. In this case, women thingies since it's targetted at women...but not tomboy thingies (jeans wear?) ever since there is a fatwa on those "type of people").

"Miss(-ed the sampan") is my full name since some of us obviously missed the sampan back to China! :)

juanito said...

hell auntie, i know la dosh is money.. was acting stupid la... lol.

sponsors? where to get la? nuffnang can ah?

my thot rather than we look for sponsors, might as well setup a fund - bloggers fund just like the one RPK has but this will be used for the purpose of interviews, film production (minus porno), and wat not..

sometimes sponsors when come to political stuff, they chicken away..

having said the above, let me look for sponsors on the other hand... any specific ones or just anyone? i know targetted for ladies but i need to know more details la... btw, angelina yam interview targeted at lady groups? why ah? little blur here.

email me la auntie... err, email is gg.tribune@gmail.com

GobloKing said...

Aunty can tell u a r man.

1. Why Angelina Yam? R U CRAZY???
Why do u think Monica Lewinsky got famous ah?

MANY MANY women wants to know what type of husband snatcher is this Angie vixen

Also What advice can she give to ah sohs to hold on to their own soilek

Women are very kaypoh u know!

2. women's things like sanitary napkins, cosmetics, shampoos, health teas, cook books, private detective services etc...lah!

We will never get sponsors unless someone wants a yellow oprah & even then I am NOT her!

sweet dreamz!
btw - on another subject: check out frank zappa' song The American Dream. ohhh...trust me. u will like it!

juanito said...

ohaiyo gozaimasu auntie..

i thot another subject means another interview.. haha..

so i will be going around like this, "sir i am looking for sponsors to sponsor my talk show with a.yam. err, do you know her btw?"

hv a good day.. frank zappa, i will hv to get it later tonite..