Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Gong Li becomes Singaporean

I bring this subject up - not only to name drop (you can tell I you wait ah while I tell the story) but because at the end, there is a point to this tale
The story is: A few yrs back, I was priviledged to have sat down for dinner next to Gong Li.

Don't let anyone tell you she is "normal" looking hoh. She is not.

She's had NO plastic or dental surgery.
She is 100% natural.
With Lovely Tits. Glossy long lush hair. With great Grace & Beauty.
But still down-to-earth. Humble. Funny. Unassuming. Kept pushing food at me - the poor starstruck mortal

(which was why I started puking up even more whenever I come across those KLCC pretentious Datin-types)

ANYHOOS. I brought up this story to prove a point.

The point being her citizenship in Singapore.
Now Gong Li has been married to a Singaporean since 1996. But she has never lived in Singapore.

But today in 2008 as the foreign spouse of a Singaporean, she is offered citizenship.

You are saying 'Eh Aunty. SHE is Gong Li wat!"

WRONG!!! In Singapore, all the non-GongLis are offered PR quite immediately & the PR is usually 5 yrs & dependant on one's employment in a Singapore company.

Heck. They even offered my foreigner husband a citizenship - & he was 49yrs old at that time!

In fact many young professional Malaysians (Malays, Indians, Chinese - ALL!) are offered citizenship in Singapore after either 2 or 5 years of PR.

Over here on our fair palm fringed shores, it's another story.

You can be a professional.
You can be young & talented.
You can be hard working & be married to a Malaysian
You can have all your kids born & educated here
You can have lived, worked & paid taxes here for the past 10,20 or 30 years...

But you are unlikely to see a PR. Citizenship? Are u gila or wat? NO!

Unless you are of the right race, & the right religion and you will vote for the right party, OR your FIL is a Datuk/Tan Sri. Then it doesn't matter if you have no skills, no education, no profession - you get Blue IC.

Meanwhile I know of MANY foreigners who are professionals married to Malaysians, not granted PRs but I also know of Indonesians (including construction workers) who are Malaysians today.

How to progress like dat ah?
p/s And yes. SIGH. Gong Li looks exactly like this pic in real life too!


Anonymous said...

I envy you sitting next to Gong Li! I wish I was there, not you :)

Separately, political survival is a number game. Racists need their gang to protect assess, vested interest, privileges, rights, etc. The government wants to avoid taking in smart citizens as they would oppose its wrongdoings........sigh

Anonymous said...

That is cool. Under what circumstances did you have dinner with her?

GobloKing said...

My dungu husband met her husband on a biz trip & they golfed together. After that when Mr Oei went to Sing, he invited my husband to dinner with spouse.

Ofcourse I dunno Mrs Oei is GongLi lah..did I say my husband dungu?

He only said "Oei said his wife is actress" & Aunty here thot "aiyah..singaporean actress only wat. no big deal lor"

THANK GOD I didn't know be4 hand it is HER or I would have nothing to wear, too late for surgery, too intimidated to show up.

When I saw her at the table, I did many double takes (had to use hand to close jaw) & tried to edge towards the end of the table but she was sooo...oo nice. She immediately guided Aunty to the seat next to her.

WHOLE nite I had to speak my malay-canto-engrish-mandarin - at that time she no wanna speakee engrish.

She was so nice, & tried to make me comfortable by chatting to me (I no comprehendo so much lah..) & showed me photos of her dogs (she knew I love animals too)

She damn classy, I damn ugly.

When we finally made it home, I slapped the dungu on his head - for being dungu - which gave him more reason to wish he was Mr Oei !

End of my once-in-lifetime rubbed-off fame story!