Monday, 10 November 2008

"I didn't know..."

I post the message I got from a friend who was at the Bersih PEACEFUL gathering. Read the bold print & have your Blood Boiled FOC

"Tonight I was at RPK's candlelight virgil and Bersih's first anniversary countdown. We were peacefully gathered and were listening to RPK who came to address the crowd when the FRU decided that we had to disperse. It's amazing what these goons did - they rushed with their batons and pushed the crowd aside, and then started roughing up people whom they thought were the ringleaders... I was poked by a baton and an older man was given the stungun treatment!

....Next week I'll go again .."

2 amazing thing I learnt from this news:
1. Those Goons actually used a Stunt Gun on unarmed people, especially an old man?

Whatszat? You they not have Fathers or Grandfathers?

Or did I hear you say they have no brains?

2 great choices!! But we must ask ourselves, what were the FRU afraid of?
That an old man would sink his dentures into them or

That, unless healthy young men trained (as in knowledgeable) in defence arts & tactics to disperse crowds - MUST be armed with Stunt guns & batons before they were to meet "weapons of mass destruction" like
- candles, water bottles, hand bags & umbrellas waved by civilians?

The 2rd amazing thing I read from my friend's message is this.

Despite experiencing this first hand, my friend is now - if anything - More determined she will go to another gathering!

So my "Dear Great Leaders".
You can break bones. You can use Force
But you can NEVER EVER break our Spirits.

And if I were you "Dear Great Leaders", start preparing your Speech for the day you go to meet your Maker.

Explain to the Almighty how "I did not know". I think Hitler's men tried that line too.

This is only a little aside.. but I am curious.

Why have some million-hitting prominent bloggers not mention this event ? Have some of us turned coat? Hmmm??

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Juanito said...

hi yah auntie goblok. (i like that name auntie goblok)..

msian police all samseng kia... let's see if they like it or not when given the same treatment..

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hv a good day