Friday, 28 November 2008

Is Yim Pek Ha's sentence too harsh?

Bonat Now
Bonat then
I don't know Yim but you can see the horrific photos of Nirmala Bonat's badly scarred back & her very battered face. These photos are haunting & unless Bonat is double jointed, there's no way she coulda inflicted such injuries so high up on her own back. So I do believe Yim did abuse her maid

I believe Yim is guilty because I would think if you were the employer, you would be alarmed to see yr maid's face so bashed & battered. I am sure you would have asked her immediately what has happened.

I sure would want to know what has happened to cause those bruises. I sure would have taken my maid immediately to a doctor for treatment.

And if you suspect yr maid to be mad - ie she bashed herself up, would you still keep her around with your young kids? Handling your food? Sleeping under the same roof?

Yes. I've had such 1 bad experience with my nephew's new maid. She was quite mad that we IMMEDIATELY sent her back to the agency - where after us, she went onto 5 other families; all of whom sent her back.

Gawd knows what someone mad will do.

But 18 yrs sentence? That's harsh. ABSOLUTELY.

Yes. Yim is guilty. 10 yrs is harsh. But 18?

If I were the judge, I would make Yim pay a huge compensation to Nirmala. Heck! I would bankrupt Yim to compensate Nirmala & then give her 3 yrs in jail. Why?

Because Nirmala is not the only victim.

Yim's 4 young kids are also the victims. These kids will grow up with everyone knowing who their mother is & what she was accused of. And not to have a mum for 18 years?

I am not minimising Nirmala's pains & injuries. I am quite sure she was forced to leave her family & country to work in order to support her family.

Ofcourse employers have a moral obligation to their maids - because for sure - if you were the maid, wouldn't you be homesick like hell? Working like mad in a strange country with people you don't know? Who may be abusing you, sometimes not only physically but also morally?

But 18 yrs? Come on Judge. Spare a thought too for the many victims in this sorry story. How many more lives must be destroyed now?


Anonymous said...

I think the 18-year sentence is not harsh considering the following factors:

1) How many "animals" do you want to be freed in public? As a woman, Lim should understand the feeling of physical/skin-related pains.

2) She repeatedly committed the inhuman act.

3) She has not shown any signs of remorse.

4) She tried to manipulate the case by twisting the facts.

Over to you.

Anonymous said...

The "Lim" should be "Yim" instead. Sorry for the typo error.

deepo said...'s not too harsh compare to what she had done to her maid. her children shud understand her mom's act when they grow up......

u can escape human's law...but cant escape god's law

Anonymous said...

18 years is quite long considering a life sentence is 20 years. In Malaysia manslaughter, rape (or raping your own kids), armed robbery routinely attract lower sentences, even when the accused is not politically connected.

You may want to check the MLJ or CLJ on sentencing precedents.

GobloKing said...

My best friend, ye old "battered" 1/2 told me
"Maybe this is Fate's way of working for the better? Putting her away may save others incl her own kids because someone who did this act is not normal"

Aiyah. Sometimes (ONLY sometimes ok?) he also got the brains one.

But how can then manslaughter & raping one's own kids attract a lesser sentence? Can't be! THAT is also a miscarriage of justice.

BTW EVEN BBC carried this news item as a flash last nite!

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that 18 years of sentence is too harsh.

juanito said...

if i were to be the judge, i wont sentence him to 18 years to jail

i will instead sentence him to "singapore zoo" and let him fight for his life against the white tiger..

juanito said...

typo, her i meant...

Anonymous said...

18 years in not harsh. She serve 18 years but to the victim is a life time of mental torture already done and therefore 18 years is not enought.

fel said...

if you read paper, some murderer such as maid killed her employer get away with only 8 years jail. 18 years for abuse case is a bit too much. This is like warning others with the expense of her children!

Anonymous said...

what will be fair is for yim pek ha to be punished exacly how she did to the victim.

Anonymous said...

Not harsh because of the following reasons:
Yim's lawyer is a dope and would seek to pervert the course of justice and use bribes etc to get her off the hook,
He should have pleaded guilty and seek for leniency but these Samy lawyers think they own the law;
Maybe after a million the sentence is reduce to half nine years which sounds fair but to zero years no way.

GobloKing said...

Everything may be well too late. She can appeal - but I doubt very much her sentence will be repealed.

I TEND to agree that
1. Yim has psycholog problems
If so, they should treat her

2. If that is true that Yim appeared recalcitrant, IF I were the judge I would make her spend 5 mths working under Nirmala in Nirmals' home.

BUT no torturing - that is way too inhumane & an eye can't get an eye back

I can't help it. I still feel for the victims ie her kids. I would like to think Nirmala got compensation too.

And Y'All hear me.

When you come visit me, y'all wash up after yourself, sweep yr own footprints & wash the toilet you used, ok?

Aunty here will NEVER hire a maid. Part time local OK. Full time? NEVAH NEVAH NEVAH!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry ,i don't agree with you mrs. G.18 years is too short.This yim has no respect or compassion for the people below her.a human being must show the same respect to a garbage collector as would to a company director(or a datuk).sadly,in malaysia only a few people follow this unwritten rule in life.

Anonymous said...

In the US, Yim would perhaps get 180 or 1800 years jail sentence. 18 years is too lenient since 3 cases have committed and luckily run simultaneously. By the way, she should get 54 years though. There should be another charge that judges/prosecuters forgotten: A lie to the court, trying to cheat perhaps..I am not good at it to explain this. Since she claimed Nirmala did that on her own purpose.

I agree to put her in zoo as well. She is something suppose not to be a friend of human anymore. How come her spouse still wanted her badly? Go and find another girl loh if you have some money. There are so many girl awaiting business/rich man outside there. He was so bloody S.T.U.P.I.D. to keep an old problematic wife for his kids. To me, over 4 years of dealing with this case, the husband should prepare his family and himself to get any possiblities on her wife sentences.

The Samy lawyer..hehe was supposingly just wanted to make some money lol. If I were the Samy lawyer, definitely I will do the same. Money meh...And so you are, right? Get a quick money and rich faster. The more delay they get, the more Yim & family have to pay. A clear cut, there are some opportunities ahead. I know why those people love being a lawyer, to carimakan maa.. Like a razordoll, they will find any possible means to make money loh from their client since they are not the one to be sent into jail.

Anyway all court case on whatever law..they are all sux! Whatever we do, as long as we are not getting caught red-handed or remanded, it is OK. Once we get into the court, hehe... what else we can do? Imagine if we were Yim... Our money will do something lol...otherwise just pleaded guilty and accept the sentence lol..

Fadhli Rahim said...

Think for the kids? Don't you think that this person is capable of abuse? Oopps I mean torture. Do you think that her kids are going to be safe with this kind of a person that have no remorse and mercy to other people? Don't you think it's gonna send the wrong message to their kids that torture is ok because all you get is 3 years prison and a hefty fine?

Nirmala Bonat could be dead if no one found her. Think about that. She was saved by the security personal at that place.

slackogamer said...

No, it is not too harsh. We have to lock up these animal.

Get use to it(prison), bitch cause' you will there for a very very long time. :)

Aminos said...

18 years is ok but i have a better idea, do the same things as what she had done to bonat ( all the beatings and not to forget to iron her chest as well ). Make her pay a big sum of money to bonat.

Cool right ??

Hansac said...

1. Tell me I'm wrong, but a lot of Chinese Malaysians feel like to balas dendam due to what happened to Chinese Indonesians (true or otherwise) during the chaotic days of Indonesian reformasi in late 1990s.

2. I guess Nirmala Bonat now is a rich woman living in Indonesia on the donations that she purportedly received. It must be worth her while to torture herself like she did. I suggest Veronica do the same. I will gladly donate to Veronica RM1,000 if Veronic just apply 1 minute of hot electric iron on her right breast nipple. No need the whole breast. Just the nipple.

GobloKing said...

AISAY! Nevah got so many hits on my hitherto unknown site.

OK OK peoples! I got the message.

Jury's out.

Yim deserves her fate.
And you all don't so humsup abt the husband or nasty racial racial her lawyer.

I know many good lawyers including some blogging ones!

And dear Fadhli you are right. I really REALLY shudder to think if the guards have not found the poor gal in time.

BTW did u talk to my other 1/2 ? You & him same same talk. Say kids better off without an abusive, tortured/-uous mother

I still think she psycho because where got normal ppl do things like this?

And I promise you all. I am so polite to postmen & garbage collectors - one became kawan, another advise me on my unmanageable garden.

GobloKing said...

eh Hansac!
Nobody is that sick - NOT even Chinese ppl ok? Balas dendam macam tu?

I dare speak for all the olang cina I kenal. NOBODY thought of what you thought of. Thre are positive thoughts in the world instead of such ghastly thots! Don't be such a sicko ok?

and who is poor veronica tht u wanna pay so much for the hot iron?

tell u what. Think nice thoughts & send poor veronica nice thots.

People respond better to niceness than to nastyness.


tohellndontback said...

I agree with aminos...

Yim can choose between 18 years or doing the same thing to her. Either Nirmala doit herself or her husband doing it for nirmala.

Why? bcoz her husband doing nothing. Nothing!

svllee said...

Hey Aunty! Your blog is getting famous now..! I'd say bring back pubic flogging...oops I mean public...

Anonymous said...

Just ask yourself this question:

If Nirmala was YOUR daughter or mom working as a maid and being treated that manner, would you still think 3 years is sufficient?

sakura said...

Instead of saying that she should get a lighter sentence because murderers and rapists get lighter sentence, you should be saying that murderers and rapists should get a stiffer sentence!

18 years is spot on. Yin manipulated the courts but calling in a witness to lie. She showed no signs of remorse. Anyone can have kids.. does this make them less responsible for their actions?

yes, let her rot in jail for 18yrs, and also give stiffer sentences to heavier crimes!

Kamal Barsha said...

Would you be saying this if Yim was not a chinese?
I bet not.....

If it was a malay family man who tortured a chinese, would you still speak the same?

Do you think canny ong's murderer's, En Najib's, death sentence is too harsh? he has a family too..maybe he should be treated and ask him to pay some compensation to canny's parents? No?

ibab_anic said...

hey teresa kok...i mean ...gobloking,

I want to abuse your daughter. Apply hot iron on her nipples, beat her face until she swells..

then i wanna act insane, get the judge to set me free in 3 years as u suggested, but nevermind lah.. i just give you alot of money lahh.. can ah?

FROZENinHELL said...

too harsh?? dunt compare this sentence to other cases..juz look at the maid... in fact, i know a lot of maid being treated badly..after all, the maid is human.. dont treat them like a slave.. for instance ny neighbour always scold his maid, in the end he got new maid.. no torture or beating.. something wrong in yim head,,

Sabahan said...

Countless number of injuries and deaths of locals by crimes committed by foreigners and yet seldom the culprits were sentenced to more than 10 years in jail term. Imagine now a bullet in your head compare to the Nirmala Bonat picture... Wake up guys. I have no sympathy to both of accused and victim. Having a stranger in your home is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. God knows what she would do to herself and your family members when things get sour. No more Indonesian maid in our country. Guys and gals, help yourself before you help others.

Omong said...

to those who think that Yim should be freed so that her children could enjoy having their mother around

if she has no maid to vent her frustration on, who do you think she will do it to?

she was formerly an air stewardess - probably well-balanced, sociable and friendly

after marriage, she became sadistic

what guarantee is there that her young defenceless children will be spared the mental torture and abuse (if not physical abuse)

mental abuse has longer lasting effects than physical ones

why the face, breasts and back - usually the legs, arms would be more easily accessible in a fit of anger

the husband's role in all this is missing - is he the main factor behind Yim's rage??

rainstorm said...

I don't think 18 year sentence is harsh at all. Is a lesson for others not to commit the same mistake. Perhaps the authority should send her for psychological evaluation & counselling. And for those rapists, harsher punishment should be meted out like castration!

Anonymous said...

I think Yim should be given like 3 months and let the victim BONAT inflict the same pain and terror given to her.

3 months is a fairly good deal...what is a little scar here and there? I'm sure Yim will take the offer if the good judge let something like this happenned.

Chang said...

18 years jail for in-house violence, this is hardly a fair trial and the sentenced defy common sense. The real victims are Yim's 4 children. The chinese community should offer help in regards to Yim's children well being preferably under the church foster care or similar.

GobloKing said...

Hey Camel & Ibanic
One & the same hey? Missed you . Plse come anytime to do yr racist bashing. Better bashing on cyber than real time.

And crude commenters
read too many mangas issit?

I am Positive yr upbringing is not violent &
NOT EVERYTHING is abt race so pl lah don't bring this "u chinese" thing in !

Steve - Hi hunk!
now u see how famous I am. Ppl bashing me & mistaking me for people 1/2 my age like Teresa Kok

Chinese community?

On my blog, we are all Malaysians. But Our MALAYSIAN community is not responsible for being in charge esp when 1 parent is still around & capable of bringing the kids up.

Hugs fr Aunty to all & May all of us think lovely positive thoughts to send into the Universe!

Chang said...

Try bring up 4 kids with your spouse in jail for 18 years for committed homicide. well, sort of.
Spiritual guidance is essential for children to grown up in such a case. Well, islamic or buddhism spiritual guidance can be considered as well.

Shari said...

As a human being I believe that what Yim got she deserved. Nirmala's life is practically destroyed (I wonder if she will ever get over what happened to her). But one thing I notice about the commentators here and in other blogs which carry the same report, there is this sad tendency to racialise the whole thing e.g.the commentator Hansac. It's just sickening. let's not forget that if we read enough newspapers we also come across horrific abuse of maids/alien workers by Middle Easterners, Indians, Malays etc etc. So I just wish everyone would stop with all the racial bulls**t.

Hansac said...

Hansac is the only racist commentator here. All others, especially the Chinese commentators, are not racist at all.

At least I know that denial is not in Egypt.

Kamal Barsha said...

Teresa King,

You still have not answered my question..

Do you think canny ong's murderer, En Najib's death sentence is too harsh? he has a family too..maybe he should be treated for mental sickness and ask him to pay some compensation to canny's parents?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

If I were Yim - the condemned psychopathic racist, I would
* carry out such obvious act, in populated KL city.
* try to confine the subject.
* risk a wonderful life and family ahead of me.
* talk to friends and relative about maid abnormality.

If I were Bonat - the innocent victim, I would
* afraid when accused.
* cry when abused.
* make loud noise when attacked.
* run away on sunday.
* seek help from neighbour and friend.
* send mobile sms or telephone call for help.

Unfortunately, that is no the case. I also doubt the Malaysian court can handle such a sick case.
Here are some good readings:

Anonymous said...

It's Malaysian psycho vs Indonesian psycho ! And The Indon has won the first round..

Anonymous said...


yim pek ha = wanita sadis berotak sengal, sewel.

yim pek ha layak duk dlm kandang di tanjung rambutan!!!


Anon. said...

‘The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf’.

Anonymous said...

Although unrelevant, i wonder how many years in jail for blowing up someone, like the mongo lady atantruya.

juanito said...

wah aunty 43 comments leh... first time i see so many comments.. way to go...

Anonymous said...

I follow this case closely. Why the judge cannot accept the Australian medical expert opinion when the Australian medical expert opinion has not being rebutted and challenged by two UKM forensic medical professors called in by the DPP to assist the DPP when the Australian medical expert was giving his evidence in court? You mean to say that the judge is also a medical expert, even better than our UKM medical professors?

Good for you, Pek Ha. said...

Yim Pek Ha deserves the 18 years, a harsh reminder to all employers who regard maid as a thing. Serves her right. Good also for Yim's children to know what an animal their mother was.

Anonymous said...

I believe the 18- year sentence is not sufficient for the monstrous Yim Pek Ha. She should also be compensating Ms Bonat for physical and mental damages incurred. I believe the government should also sue Ms. Yim's spouse for concealing or assisting acts of crime by Yim Pek Ha. Knowing the abuses and tortures, he did not do anything however (maybe) letting his wife continue and (maybe even) justifying her actions. Yim Pek Ha is a disgrace to civilization values and someone who should not be allowed to have maids ever again. In my prayer, I hope she rots in hell.

Windy Andriani said...

I cannot believe that Yim Pek Ha is currently out of jail on bail. I want to petition so this sadistic woman gets 18 years of prison hence proving that the justice system in Malaysia is working properly and fairly. Please tell me how to do so.

yee said...

Why now only 12 yrs??? 18 yrs was alr insufficient...
The main reason for lowering the sentence was that she still has 3kids to take care of..but i believe any tom, dick n harry can take care of her kids wayyyyy better than a torturous mother.
i don`t think her kids even want to stay with such a mother. Being able to stay with her, puts her kids in danger and imtimidation ALL THE TIME.
She should have a life sentence with all the things done to Nimala, befall upon her.

Anonymous said...

WOW. i am 'impressed' by the comments.

Come on, people.
We are all humans. Who are you to judge what's right and wrong?
So many of you CLAIMED that Yim Pek Ha had abused her maid.


I daresay, NONE OF YOU DID.


you're just listening to the court cases, and getting information from everywhere else but not witnessing it yourself.

And you call this TRUTH?

if this is TRUTH, then the world would be a much "BETTER" place to live in.
PLEASE note the sarcasm in there.

and mind you, stop calling people an ANIMAL. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF SOMEONE CALLED YOU AN ANIMAL?

regardless of whether your actions were right or wrong.

please be mindful of what you say. and a little more thoughtful.

IMAGINE IF YOU YOURSELF is involved in this case and you were ACCUSED for abusing someone.


DONT say it won't happen, cause nothing's impossible.

STOP JUDGING. you're NOT the judge.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...nice one!!! Who the f@%k are you guys to judge?! You wanna give a thought?! Why don't you guys start with something more serious? Such as police brutality and corruption?