Saturday, 15 November 2008

Israel, Zimbabwe, Congo - Lesson for us?

Do you get angry when you watch the news? I do. That's why I can't ever watch the news when I am eating my dinner. Never.

Suffering & meaningless deaths.
Ego, power, greed.
Enough to make me throw up

Even though I am now in a country where 70% of the ppl are living below the poverty line, but at least they are not living in fear for their lives.

Imagine what the ppl of Gaza, Zimbabwe & Congo have to go through everyday.

Food running out (or none), no water, homeless, sick, either extreme heat & masses of mosquitoes or biting cold with no energy.

The hard stance of Israel has continued to pissed me off. I am not the only one who sympathizes with the Palestinians. The harder the Isrealites' stance, the more they turn ordinary people off.

I dunno if it is intentional but the Israelites always comes across as if they are the only ones who are right, everyone else is wrong, they don't care what you say, they deserve everything they have, they have suffered & they won't back off...even if 1 or 1000 or 10000 Palestinian civilians die or suffer.

And all over a tiny strip of land called Gaza. Power Rocks or what?!

Zimbabwe - Think Mugabe. Who does he remind you of in Msia? You are thinking exactly what I am thinking!

Why do old men think they can live forever? Doesn't it matter 1 iota who suffers while they are grasping & hanging on for power?

What can you do with all that money & power when you are dead? Hey! Don't tell me whatever. Tell that to your Maker when you meet Him(Her).

Democratic Rep of Congo - Those with guns win. All others get fucked.

Those strutting brainless turds with Arms in Uniforms. Enuff Said


Anonymous said...

right, so who cares about the jewish people,hey,so whAT if jewish kids get killed by suicide bombing or hamas rules gaza,who refuse to Recognise israel and pray for it's destruction.get your fact's right lady.there is more anti-jewish attacks in this world than other races(a fact which people like you whom refuse to knowledge).

GobloKing said...

Hi Anon!

The Point is Civilians - of ALL religion & color - gets killed in the cross fire of those who wants power.

Don't telll me - go tell BBC & CNN how to report their news. I only get my news 2rd hand.

Then ask yourself, WHY are ppl like me "supporting" Palestinians?

We are not supporting Hamas, we are supporting the ciivilians who are Palestinians.

We would support ANY civilians who are innocent victims; Israelite included. You say Jewish kids?

Pl don't be confused. Judaism is the religion. Like saying Muslim Kid. There are Jews everywhere who do not themselves support the policies of Israel

Seems like to me - the news says the little ppl in Gaza's suffering

So do you hear of food running out in Israel? is there electricity in Israel? Are they poor like those in Gaza?

And who's stopping the UN convoy carrying food & medical supplies?

Anonymous said...

hamas rules gaza! and west bank by fatah !(both palestinian ),you are missing the point lady!.HAMAS spents million of dollars to buy weapons (a well known fact)for the past 12 months. you really need to know your socio-politics in this region.don't be guillible.