Sunday, 23 November 2008

It's not up to Me

A Great Fatwa week or what??

Fatwa! Yoga (those dang positions! those dang chantings! those dang "oneness with God")

Fatwa! Lesbians & Tomboys (yet another imported disease - read NST)

Fatwa! Irresponsible Blogging! Irresponsible Journalism! (Finally! 2 words which ain't a oxymoron)

Fatwa! Speaking out against ISA next?

Man. OFCOURSE there are worst things out there in the world to worry about.

Global recession, jobs & homes lost, dreams gone
Dead, dying, starving victims

Incompetent, corrupt, power hungry, greedy, don't-care-a-rats'-arse-bout-anyone-else-but-me politicians

People dying of Aids, Cancer, TB etc

Terrorists, wars, etc etc etc

When are we gonna be hearing about a Fatwa on corruption & lies?

Or MAS stewardess in tight fitting kebayas? Serving Liquor? Or Muslims marrying non-Muslims?

Anyways. SORRY !!!!

Since I ain't personally touched by ANY of the above, I will just shut up.

After all f**hed if we do, f**hed if we don't.
*yeah...I am now PC. switched to f(ish)ed instead of ****

And why should Malaysians be allowed to speak up?

We are too stupid, too dumb, too uneducated, too easily mislead, too ill-informed to know Right from Wrong. Wrong religion. Wrong Beliefs. Wrong Names. Wrong Color.

Yeah. I agree. We ARE lucky to be allowed to stay here.We are lucky to be allowed to serve our Masters

On a lighter note
I didn't know they have also forbidden yoga in Egypt.

But what I dun understand is why do they still allow ladies to do the belly dance in Egypt; albeit covered in layers of silk scarves?

Is it really the motion of the ocean that counts & not the size of the boat?

P/S I found this interesting site on the beautiful stars of the Arab world while looking for an image of a belly dancer. I have forgotten how err....beautifully clad (?) some Middle Eastern stars are.


Juanito said...

hello auntie, keep ur cool ... i think u lost ur cool until u mis-spelled F**K... unless i am reading it the other way round..

hv a good day

Anonymous said...

We have heard about the stories below:

Pastor became a gay
Monk raped a girl
Holy-man committed crimes

Human must know how to separate between religion and sport/exercise.

GobloKing said...

Aunty being politically correct mah?
I was cursed for cursin' so much.
FISHed is a nicer word meaning the same!

I KNOW. Who is pure as the driven snow? Nobody.

Men who are morally corrupted will remain corrupt regardless of the "uniform" they wear

I get more bugged when those who sin the most tell others not to do the same but they continue pretending piousness.

I am not referring to Jakim specifically but in GENERAL, professed religious ppl should sin less be4 they talk to the rest

I hear of MILLIONS suffering & dying fr corruption but nobody has yet died or been converted from doing yoga..or have they? Why not do a Fatwa on Corruption?

From what I can see last week was bashing females week. Who does yoga? Who are tomboys?

But as has been pointed out by prominent bloggers like rockybru - this is not a pasal for "others" to comment or meddle in.

SIGH ???

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, politicians and religious experts have nothing to do than to raise unrelated issues